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    Performance issues with RAID0

    Is it possible while these drives are in RAID0, to firmware update them? I haven't done any firmware updates for a long time, maybe not since they were put into service. Can the cleanup be run whilst in RAID0? If they can't be done in RAID 0, is connecting them 1 at a time in another machine, then upgrading them, "cleaning" them and putting them back into their original config, likely to result in a working raid 0 set?
  2. Hi There! I run a 4770K, with 16GB, and 3 x 500GB 840 EVO SSD's in a RAID 0 using the Intel Raid 10 built into my Asus motherboard. I have noticed a lot lately that extracting video's from multipart rar files is so much slower than I'd expect with it taking around 15 seconds to extract a 4.7GB video file from a group of 47 100MB Rar Files to the same directory. It's a feeling that the system feels sluggish. If I open a 1.2GB video file by double clicking it in explorer, by the time it starts playing there is about 3-4 seconds. When i compare this to my 850 Pro PCIE M.2 SSD, where it's practically instant, it feels quite like there is something "not quite right". I do understand that there is about double the speed on my M.2 setup, but just playing a 1.2GB file on a 840 Raid 0 should be pretty much instant. I then grabbed AS SSD Benchmark and with 3GB selected on the RAID 0 partition 3, the SEQ Read is 1376MB/s Write 1194MB/s, 4K is 36/90MB/s and score overall was 1234. Any ideas if I should be concerned or what i should be checking to ensure I am fully optimized. I'd like to say this is an issue I felt has only occurred since I upgraded to W10.
  3. networkn

    From Raptors to SSD

    Hi There! Sadly OWC not available in NZ.
  4. networkn

    From Raptors to SSD

    I am wondering based on your comments if you think I am making a mistake with the vertex 2 extended's? from what I can see they are the fastest SSD's in the 3gbps range with a sandforce controller, two of them in RAID0 will work with my existing ICHR10 controller. What is the tool of choice for migrating from my raid0 raptors to raid0 ssd's without having alignment issues?
  5. networkn

    From Raptors to SSD I am in NZ
  6. networkn

    From Raptors to SSD

    It's about $400USD per 128GB Drive for the C300 EACH and $700USD for the LSI Card. Just can't justify that unfortunately. I think I have decided on the vertex 2 extended 128gb drives x 2 and use my existing controllers from the P6T Deluxe Board! I admit not as quick, but still I would imagine a SIGNIFICANT improvement on the 300GB Raptors in a RAID0 What do you think?
  7. networkn

    From Raptors to SSD

    That would be great. I would think that given you boot maybe once a week or less, but the speed difference to day to day operations would be much more significant, RAID would be preferable over a single SSD correct?
  8. networkn

    From Raptors to SSD

    What RAID card would you recommend? What overhead does RAID add to boot times normally?
  9. Hi There! I have 3 x Raptor 300GB Drives, in RAID 0, and another Raptor standalone and a Caviar black. My Boot drive partition has about 125GB of data on it. I want to make a significant improvement to my boot speeds, and general operations. I play a fair amount of games. I am trying to decide between 2 standalone SSD's in RAID0 or a PCI-E REVO Drive. I have been told that RAIDing SSD's makes them lose the trim facility and that without it, over time performance can drop significantly, though I do regular backups and can image back to the SSD if required at a specific interval of say 6 months (is that ok?). I want something smokin quick, and I have a budget of around $800USD. My motherboard is a P6T Deluxe Asus, with only 3G SATA ports. My existing drives get Crystal drive benchmarks of 187/201 and 4K of .79 and 2.8 read and write respectively. I have also been told boot up times won't improve (which is an area I'd like to see improvements on) because of RAID init times, but that the {PCI-E will get around that somehow). Which solution do you think I should go with, and which specific drives are recommended. I would ideally like around 160+ GB of storage total which I know rules out the REVO 120 but Might be able to stretch for the 240GB at a pinch. I have also been told getting the REVO drives going can be a royal PITA! Would really appreciate any comments.