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  1. swim or sink...Adaptec, will the name remain now that the company has been bought out by PMC-Sierra?


    ^Legacy hardware, dedicated SSD raid controllers will overtake the market in the coming years.


    RAID-6 is doomed, just as R5 is no longer viable. Rebuilding times on TB raids with such low transfer rates makes HDD's impractical at best

    Triple-Parity RAID and Beyond



    Ya, I agree with all the above, interesting links thx.

    And also, Adaptec 5805 is a bit overpriced in today's market, instead of announcing MaxIQ-"SSD" coinword cache - really its just +1000 more "cash" :), maybe Adaptec (er-umm PMC-Sierra) should have announced

    the 5805-version 2, that is PCI-express 2.0/SAS2/SATA3 ready ?, and it should have supported 6GB/s (sas2/sata3 speeds).

    The 5805 is a great card, their software/drivers are very good and adaptec has been around forever.

    But, right now, for a good "home", or even Raid system, whats is wrong with this:?


    (LSI SAS 9211-8i, 6Gb/s PCI-Express 2.0) all that for $250 ?!) -heck, this thing can dance, even in a server environment.

    As far as Raid levels go,

    "Real" RAID is "0+1" aka Raid 10, aka Raid 01, aka "Raid KISS"... you get more raw performance, with redundancy, from this Raid than "ANY other Raid period !

    It is also the simplest and "fastest" RAID to create/rebuild/... I'm sure better storage guru's than me know this.

    All these "other" Raid level's(5,6,50,60,...) were historically designed to squeeze every bit of space they could outta drives, but at $100/per 2-TB Drive does anyone really care about space anymore ??? :)

    -even SAS, and SSD drives are coming down in price like crazy.

    the Adaptec's MaxIQ-cache-SSD is NOT worth dumping over +1000 $ unless its super-mission-critical.

    Either way, the only viable Raid that was the first, and it will be the last Raid to go, is the simple "mirrored-stripes" 0+1