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  1. I'll happily use one of these firmware-compromised HDDs over the cloud any day. The cloud concept is dangerous.
  2. Back when a 64g SSD cost a grand I was more concerned about this, but now I'm so unconcerned about SSD endurance that I finally replaced my SWAP / TEMP velociraptor with a cheap OCZ ARC100 240gb SSD. I write hundreds of gigs at a time, sometimes a few hundred a day doing mass data processing. When it begins to wear according to SMART, I'll buy another one. Prices have dropped immensely, and will continue to crash. I wouldn't sweat it.
  3. 17 drives in my NAS, just threw in a pair of 4 TB drives. The rest are 2TB drives. It's an AMD Athlon CPU with a board with 8 SATA ports. OS drive is a 16GB IDE SLC SSD. The archive is all 100% mirrored, no RAID stuff so no overhead. Each drive has a mirror. Pooling accomplished with DriveBender on Win7. Has run 24/7 for years! The mirror drives are all in SATA multiplier boxes, connected to a RocketRAID controller set for legacy JBOD mode.
  4. I blew some ST-225s back in the day with reversed cables. Those older drives have some serious current going through the cables and powering them flipped even for a second often cooks something. Also happens with older unkeyed floppy drives - some fry instantly. Best case scenario is finding an identical drive on eBay and doing a board swap. My vintage computers and stuff Sorry :-(
  5. FastMHz

    Where did my HDD capacity go?

    That space is probably lost to filesystem "slack" (info here)
  6. FastMHz

    Problem with my External HDD

    This ^ I hate to break it to you, but as soon as the cover was popped off data recovery chances are minimal and very costly.
  7. There are a lot of redundant pins in a SATA power connector. As above, polish it up and you should be fine. I'd replace the power supply connector or PSU itself though as loose connectors could cause new burns.
  8. The article says "Kaspersky claims that the new backdoor is perfect in design. Each time you turn your PC on, the system BIOS loads the firmware of all hardware components onto the system memory, even before the OS is booted. This is when the malware activates, gaining access to critical OS components, probably including network access and file-system." I'm pretty sure the system BIOS does NOT load the firmware of all hardware into its own memory space. Back in the old days we used to have something called "BIOS shadowing" which DID copy the ROM of certain hardware, usually VGA BIOSes, into memory for faster access. But I've never heard of the hard drive ROM being loaded into system memory during regular use.
  9. FastMHz

    Samsung 2TB SSD: when?

    Flash memory is not that great for long term storage, especially if unpowered. The contents get "stale" and you end up with "data decay". Next, with 10TB platter drives being announced, the cost per TB of storage will continue to be least expensive with rotating media. And while it's fun to watch a 20GB movie file copy at hundreds of MB per second, it's useless for most consumers. So SSD will continue to be aimed at OS/Apps, and HDD for mass storage.
  10. FastMHz

    Western Digital 10TB drives

    Tape drives may finally R.I.P.
  11. Bad deal for sure. I wonder how the previous user managed to write 30+TB to an 80gb SSD :-o
  12. Try to "take ownership" of the drive.
  13. This happens when the partition table is corrupted or erased. TESTDISK (freeware) may be able to recover the table, so that you can then copy all of your data off and re-format the drive.
  14. FastMHz

    Connect small Hitachi HDD to pc

    That's an IDE drive, it's very slow, and you'd need one of these for use in a desktop:
  15. FastMHz

    got two ssd's cheap wich do I keep?

    If that 840 is an EVO I'd keep the 830 instead. MLC > TLC.