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  1. All items are in perfect, like-new condition unless otherwise specified. Parts are fully tested before shipment and guaranteed against DOA. Areca ARC-1880ix-24 1GB 24-Port PCI-E x8 Raid Card $900 shipped Includes: All retail accessories, box, extra SATA breakout cables + ARC-6120BA-T113 Battery Backup Unit ($150 value) Astek A33606-PCI 6gbps SAS Expander Card $400 shipped (24) SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400RPM 32MB Cache SATA3 Hard Drives $75 each shipped Drives have seen very little use, fully tested before shipment Lian Li PC-343B Case $500 shipped With the use of 5-Drive 3-Bay 3.5" SATA Hot Swap devices and the includes hard drive cages, this case can support up to 36 3.5" drives!! Includes: (2) Lian Li CCEX23REAR Rear Hard Drive modules ($60 value) (1) Lian Li PC-343B Top Fan Plate & Original non-fan plate ($20 value) (3) Noctua 120mm NF-P12 Fans ($60 value) (3) Noctua 80mm NF-R8 Fans ($40 value) (1) Xilence 80mm Red Wing Case Fan w/ PWM ($10 value) (1) FrozenCPU sound dampening installation ($50 value) All retail accessories, box and documents Heatware:
  2. Selling my LIKE-NEW Areca 1280ML w/ stock 512MB memory installed Hardly used, this card comes with all retail accessories, documentation and box. I recently paid $1,100 for it. Asking price: $900 shipped
  3. My 60TB Build Log

    The case I'll be using is the Lian Li PC-343B Cube Case. I have updated post # 1 to include more hardware - all of which is already in my possession. That is not to say I wouldn't sell and replace anything if there was a better choice. This server will be a stand-alone box, so one of those 9U Chenbro units, while tempting, is not quite what I'm aiming for. The purpose of the server is to securely host 30-32 2TB drives. All that matters to me is data integrity and security - performance is merely a nicety (which I'm confident will be more then met considering I prefer only the higher end parts) As mentioned above, the current data space requirement is around 11TB but would grow as time went on.
  4. My 60TB Build Log

    Results: Oct-21-2010 So there is a lot of talk about the new Samsung HD204UI drives and how they'll perform for the RAID community. At a promotional cost of $95 per drive, I couldn't resist throwing myself into the guinea pig pool. So I will post my results thus far using these drives. 1. I have now setup my Areca 1280ML card to create a RAID6 array of 5 of these drives. It took a whopping 53 HOURS to initialize this array. Seems like quite a long time. Anyone have comments? I would like to run some performance tests on this array - to show how the Areca 1280ML plays with these drives - which have yet to be officially qualified by Areca. If anyone can recommend some good HDD testing software that is used as a standard, I'll happily run tests and post results for everyone
  5. My 60TB Build Log

    Updates: Oct-21-2010 1. I am currently running the Areca 1280ML - with a plan to run 24x2TB and then 6x2TB via the onboard SATA ports. I have now changed the plan to run 2 x Areca 16-port cards. This will provide the full coverage of the 30 Hot-Swap bays as well as some additional redundancy - as explained in the Raid Setup section. I have decided on the Areca ARC-1880ix-16 x8 SAS/SATA6.0 card as this is their latest and greatest and will provide me the opportunity to upgrade to faster drives, if needed. 2. I am considering replacing the iStarUSA BP-35-BLACK cages with the Norco SS-500 cages. These came recommended by a certain storage guru here and I may be willing to give them a try for comparison. I originally tried the StarTech SBAY5BK cages - which were the newest 3x5 drive cages when I purchased them but I haven't had 100% luck with them 3. With the help of a friend who's well versed in Linux, i am starting to research the idea of replacing the Windows Server 2008 R2 OS choice with a linux distro. It just feels like the right thing to do with such a large storage box
  6. I figured I'd start a brief build log - so others can either learn from my experiences, give some always welcomed advice... or just drool 1.0: HARDWARE: CASE: Lian Li PC-343B Modular Cube Case MOBO: Asus P6T7 Supercomputer CPU: Intel W3570 Xeon (LGA 1333) RAM: 12GB Corsair Dominator TR3X6G1866C9DF (6x2GB DDR3 1866 (PC3 15000) 1.65V) RAID: (1) Areca ARC-1280ML 256MB 24-Port PCI-E x8 Raid Card HDDs: (30) SAMSUNG Spinpoint F4 HD204UI 2TB 5400RPM 32MB Cache SATA3 RAID BACKPLANES: (6) iStarUSA BP-35-BLACK 3x5.25" to 5x3.5" SATA2.0 Hot-Swap Backplane Raid Cage GPU: NVIDIA GTS 240 1GB PCI-E OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 POWER: Corsair 1000W HX1000 NIC: Intel E1G42EF Dual-Port 1GE PCI-E Server Adapter 2.0: RAID SETUP: Array 1: 2 x 450GB 15K SAS in RAID 0 for the O/S. The OS is not considered mission critical. It's purpose will be to facilitate the services interacting with the data - IE: FTP, network sharing protocols and media transcoding. Raid0 was selected due to performance being the only important part of this array - data redundancy is of no concern. Array 2: 15 x 2TB SATA in RAID 6 on Areca card # 1 This array will remain active. The current storage requirement is approximately 11TB. This array will provide room to grow till about 16.5TB. Once that capacity is reached, arrays 1 and 2 will be combined into a singular RAID6 array. Array 3: 15 x 2TB SATA in RAID 6 on Areca card # 2 This array will be used as an extra redundancy precaution. It will mirror Array 2 to provide an additional copy of data. I have not determined the best method to achieve this but assumed a software solution such as ViseVersa may be able to streamline this function. Open to suggestions on this one