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    9650SE RAID 6 Migrating Degraded

    yep, that is all I get from /c0 show diag 3DM2 is installed: 3DM2 version API version here is the show all... //xxxx> /c0 show all /c0 Driver Version = /c0 Model = 9650SE-16ML /c0 Available Memory = 224MB /c0 Firmware Version = FE9X /c0 Bios Version = BE9X /c0 Boot Loader Version = BL9X /c0 Serial Number = L3226##A#####94 /c0 PCB Version = Rev 032 /c0 PCHIP Version = 2.00 /c0 ACHIP Version = 1.90 /c0 Number of Ports = 16 /c0 Number of Drives = 8 /c0 Number of Units = 2 /c0 Total Optimal Units = 1 /c0 Not Optimal Units = 1 /c0 JBOD Export Policy = off /c0 Disk Spinup Policy = 1 /c0 Spinup Stagger Time Policy (sec) = 2 /c0 Auto-Carving Policy = off /c0 Auto-Carving Size = 2048 GB /c0 Auto-Rebuild Policy = on /c0 Rebuild Rate = 5 /c0 Verify Rate = 5 /c0 Controller Bus Type = PCIe /c0 Controller Bus Width = 8 lanes /c0 Controller Bus Speed = 2.5 Gbps/lane Unit UnitType Status %RCmpl %V/I/M Stripe Size(GB) Cache AVrfy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ u0 Migrator MIGRATING - 15% - 5587.9 ON ON u1 SPARE OK - - - 1863.01 - ON VPort Status Unit Size Type Phy Encl-Slot Model ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ p0 OK u0 1.82 TB SATA 0 - SAMSUNG HD204UI p1 DEGRADED u0 1.82 TB SATA 1 - SAMSUNG HD204UI p2 OK u0 1.82 TB SATA 2 - SAMSUNG HD204UI p4 OK u0 1.82 TB SATA 4 - SAMSUNG HD204UI p8 OK u1 1.82 TB SATA 8 - SAMSUNG HD204UI p9 OK u0 1.82 TB SATA 9 - SAMSUNG HD204UI p10 OK u0 1.82 TB SATA 10 - SAMSUNG HD204UI p11 OK u0 1.82 TB SATA 11 - SAMSUNG HD204UI Name OnlineState BBUReady Status Volt Temp Hours LastCapTest --------------------------------------------------------------------------- bbu On Yes OK OK OK 0 xx-xxx-xxxx I've only been using the card for a couple months. I'm not sure I should quit the migration right now to patch the drives, etc. I thought the concern with these drives and smart was with a specific command. I haven't tried to smartctl them yet. Does that persist on these models? - I thought it did not. In any case, I chose these Samsung ones primarily because of price. $80/2TB is a great deal. Thanks again!
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    9650SE RAID 6 Migrating Degraded

    Thanks for the reply. Didn't update the firmware, no. Possible that created a problem, but I suspect the drive has a bigger issue since it happened almost immediately and none of the other 7 drives have had an issue. The first five drives I did individually test before building the array. Didn't bother with these three... lesson learned? I didn't do anything with smartctl yet. I was somewhat concerned about the firmware issue, not having updated them yet. I also wanted to play with this some more since I have some unrelated unanswered questions from first researching this, here Here is the diag output... ### Time Stamp: 02:05:10 01-Jan-2011 ### Host Name: xxxx ### Host Architecture: x64 (64 bit) ### OS Version: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate x64 Edition (Build 7600) ### Model: 9650SE-16ML ### Serial #: L3226##A#####94 ### Controller ID: 0 ### CLI Version: ### API Version: ### Driver Version: ### Firmware Version: FE9X ### BIOS Version: BE9X ### Available Memory: 224MB ========================================================================== Diagnostic Information on Controller //xxxx/c0 ... -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Event Trigger and Log Information: Triggered Event(s) = ctlreset (controller soft reset) fwassert (firmware assert) driveerr (drive error) Diagnostic log save mode = - Parameter table does not exist
  3. About two weeks ago a setup a five-drive RAID 6 array on a 9650SE-16ML. It was built/verified and yesterday I received a shipment of three more drives (Newegg sale again). All eight drives are 2TB Samsung HD204UI. So I hot plugged the three additional drives in their slots. First one I set as a hot spare. No problems there. The last two drives I wanted to expand my RAID 6 from five drives to seven. So I started the migration and specified the two remaining drives in 3DM2. The migration is going to take a really long time. I've been 6 hours so far and it's only at 3%. But I'm seeing a problem - one of the new drives came up as degraded, kinda. First, here is the alarms: /c0 show alarms Ctl Date Severity AEN Message ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ c0 [Fri Dec 31 2010 12:12:31] INFO Battery capacity test is overdue c0 [Fri Dec 31 2010 12:17:16] INFO Migration started: unit=0 c0 [Fri Dec 31 2010 12:17:21] ERROR Degraded unit: unit=0, port=1 ...so right after the migration started it said one of the new drives was degraded. I'd like to just remove and reseat it, but the manual suggests that the migration must finish then a rebuild will be needed. Assuming I can't lose/offload the data on the array right now, what are my options? Also, I was confused when I first noticed the "DEGRADED" note - because it shows up in some places and not others... 3DM2 Drive Information - says the Phy is OK 3DM2 Unit Maintenance - says the VPort is DEGRADED TW_CLI /c0/p1 show - says the status is DEGRADED TW_CLI /c0/p1 show all - says the status is OK ...so do I really have a problem? Or is this just inconsistency in their status reporting methods? If I must wait until the migration is done to address the potentially degraded drive, then I might try to backup the data I have on the array right now and just scrap it. At 2hours/% that's 200 hours for the migration, and then who knows how long for the rebuild if the drive in question is okay. If it's not, then I have to RMA. Or could I remove it now and tackle that in advance. hmmm All recommendations/comments welcome. Thanks all!
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    The updated HD204UI firmware is here... http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=27905&start=135 ...note that apparently it doesn't update the actual firmware version number when you flash it, but reportedly does fix the problem. I found more discussion on the topic here... http://forum.synology.com/enu/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=27905&start=135 ALSO.. you can get these drives for cheap on newegg right now. Just bought five of them... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822152245
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    I've spent 8 straight hours researching and playing with my new 9650SE. I think I've become well acquainted with the theory of how to make this work, but it's possible I'm missing something obvious. I'm having the same issues as this poster: My 9650SE in Windows 7 x64 has 4 drives attached to it. (I will post more specifics if needed, but please hear me out first.) I am using the latest version of smartctl, 5.40 2010-10-16 r3189 I've tried many ways to set the scterc from Windows through the 9650se, but cannot. Note first: smartctl -c tw_cli/c0/p0 does NOT list the SCT capabilities smartctl -c sdb,0 DOES list the SCT capabilities! So I conclude that this is what is meant on the smartctl manual: And based on the controller compatibility list here http://sourceforge.net/apps/trac/smartmontools/wiki/Supported_RAID-Controllers I see that yes, I should be able to do this, right? Their notes... The bold seems to indicate that the tw_cli provides limited support (when used) - that is not to say that it is the only support provided for these controllers. If that were so, then it would follow that SCTERC CANNOT BE SET FOR 3WARE CARDS THROUGH WINDOWS AT ALL. Is that the case? When I do smartctl -l scterc sdb,0 it returns "Error Write SCT Error Recovery Control Command failed: Function not implemented Warning: device does not support SCT (Get) Error Recovery Control command". The error changes slightly when I do smartctl -d sat -l scterc sdb,0 and just says "Warning: device does not support SCT Commands". With the exception of a note regarding "common arguments", identical errors are returned respectively for the "scterc,70,70" versions of the commands intended to update the values. The drives I'm using for testing right now are three ST3500320AS fw SD1A and one ST3500641AS fw 3.AAH (the latter does not indicate that it supports SCT, regardless of how I address it. But all three of the ST3500320AS drives report SCT capabilities when addressed as sdb.N from smartctl.) Am I doing something wrong? Does this, in fact, NOT work in Windows with 3ware? Any input is greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my long post.