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  1. Will you also make an review of the Z7K320 once it is avaible at your place?
  2. Hm, mainly webbrowsing, gaming , compressing/decompressing things with zip/winrar. The Momentus 7200.4 seems to have a real high seeking time. What about the power consumption of the 320GB Black? Is it the same as with the 500GB version? There is also this 7mm Hitachi Travelstar Z7K320 320GB avaible here, and according to some HDtune benches on a chinese site, the transferrates are the fastet, though the average seeking time with about 18ms is rather slow...almost as slow as mine now. I intend to up until 1 year and then we will see whether the SSD prices have fallen on an attractive enough level for me. But right now i need an external backup drive anyways. I have an Acer 3820TG with ATI5650 and a i5 450M CPU, can run all recent games on medium settings atleast. I don't care if it's a bit louder then, but when browsing , doing light tasks like Office , i don't want it hear vibrations and even feel it on the table (according to some users). What mainly keeps me from buying a WD Scorpio Black 320GB is that my Scorpio Blue 640GB drive produces spikes/freezes which can only be solved by using external tools , like quiethdd, in which i disable APM and AAM completely. And the Black should have the exact same featureset... I won't buy a new notebook any time soon. A bit later perhaps a desktop system for really new demanding games.
  3. Well, i am sure that i am more sensitive to vibration. Ok, out of these options , which one is the best? For the MomentusXT i have to pay atleast the double and for the 500GB version even over 105€. I would need a temporary solution until real SSDs become attractive. Seagate Momentus 7200.4 250GB Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 250GB Western Digital Scorpio Black 250GB (The 320GB versions are oneplatter as well for sure?)
  4. Well, what about noiselevel? I think i am gonna bite into the sour apple and just wait up to 1 year, in which hopefully you can get a 120/128GB SSD for the price of a 64GB SSD now. A few 64GB SSD are cheaper than the MomentusXT 500GB. But 64GB is just to little, also thinking of how much space Win7 is filling and not to forget the reservation space.
  5. Thanks for directing me to this place . Well, to make the intro short. I wanted to buy a hdd anyways for external use to save some data. Almost pulled the trigger, but then i thought that i am not too happy with my current system drive. It's a WD with 640GB (WDC WD6400BEVT-22A0R...that's a Scorpio Blue for the OEM-market?). Reasons: I can live with the clicking sounds due to the head parking so often...but in games i got regular freezes/spikes because of that parking! I have to deactivate APM and AAM every time i boot to prevent it. Also the drive doesn't feel too fast, even though HD Tune says otherwise... Well, will i even feel any real improvement, when i buy a 7200rpm hdd? Which one should i get? There is - Seagate Momentus - WD Scorpio Black - Hitachi Travelstar Does the speed gain even justify the higher power consumption and surely higher noise level (i don't mind the "swooshsound" but i fear the vibrations...especially with a 13,3'' notebook)? SSDs are still to pricey, and i am not to sure of the hybrid drive Momentus XT, as it is fairly often stated that it vibrates even more than the 3 other mentioned drives. What should i do? Thanks. (sry if a similar topic has been posted thousands times before )