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  1. I think I own another hard disk, that is not yet in the data base. I deliver all the information I could gather: Manufacturer: Samsung Family: Spinpoint T166 Released: 01/01/2007 ??? Notes: Model Name (product family): Model Number: HD403LJ Capacity: 400gigabytes URL: Interface: SATA Spindle Speed: 7200rotations per minute Seek: 4.8milliseconds Buffer: 16000kilobytes Density: 167 gigabytes per platter
  2. I was missing the whole 7200.3 series, especially though the 320GB model. I provided all the data I could find.... Manufacturer: Seagate Family: Seagate Momentus 7200.3 series Released: ~ 05/2008 Notes: Model Name (product family): Model Number: ST9320421AS Capacity: 320 gigabytes URL: Interface: SATA 3GB/s Spindle Speed: 7200 rotations per minute Seek: 4.17 milliseconds Buffer: 16000 kilobytes Density: 160 gigabytes per platter