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    Chkdsk finds errors evry time

    The first time it happened I had not installed any new program. The second time I can't recall Right now when it is happening I have a nearly clean windows installataion. Basically It's windows, MsOffice 2010, Dell Drivers and Norton Internet Security... Thanks for the Replies!
  2. Plarsson

    Chkdsk finds errors evry time

    Tried it... They all report that the disks are fine... I've been trying to find some other tool than chkdsk to check the disks integrity, but haven't really found any good tools.
  3. Hi, First of, sorry for making the post so long and it is most likley not verry well structured... I didn't really read through it before I sent it.... I have some issues and hope that someone will be able to help me. Just to be clear when running chkdsk I do run it with /F if it finds any problems and let the computer reboot and run the chkdsk. And I'm using XP with the latest patches installed. I use a Dell Precision M4400 and I have been using a Seagate drive in it for just under 1 year, when it started to behave really weird. at that time I ran a chkdsk and it found numerous problems. I let the computer restart and fix the problems. the computer still didn't run as it should ran a new chdsk and it found more problems fixed them also.. All and all the computer continued to find problems when running chkdsk, I tried to run it with /R also, to search physical errors on the surface, but no problems found. I then replaced the Seagare with a brand new Western Digital WD3200BEKT and reinstalled windows from scratch. At first I didn't notice any problems. After been using the disk for a couple of weeks things did not seem right again and I ran a chkdsk and everytime it finds problems, but when running it with /f and restarting the computer it finds no issues to repair... What is really weird for me atleast is that I run chldk in read only mode and it finds numerous problems Usually "Deleting Index entry in Index $I30 of file xxxx" (most of the time it is index $I30, but files differs). I did a printout of this and it filled 2 pages with just deleting indexes.... If I run chkdsk a second time (Without running it with /f in between) it does not find the same issues, but problems with other files or sometimes no problems with files but it will at that point ALWAYS find "Correcting Errors in the Master file table's (MFT) Bitmap attribute." "Correcting errors in the Volume Bitmap" See the attached file for a complete printout of me running chkdsk multiple times, without running /F inbetween... I had an extra WD hard drive and cloned my drive to it, but still the same issues. Dell Replaced the motherboard with all the controllers in my computer, problem remains I bought a Seagate drive instead and it seems better but there are still some weird things going on. With the seagate drive I run chkdsk and it often finds some indexes to delete, without running chkdsk with /f I try again and it reports no problems.... But still, the first time it always reports problems. I also have a second computer here. it is a Dell Precision M65. In that I just installed a new HardDrive Also that one of the WD harddrives (Yes, a Third one...) and it reports issues every time I run CHKDSK. Now other things that I have tried. I ran Dells diagnostic boot on both computers, where is checks for problems with Memory CPU and so on. No issues found on either computer. I'm starting to get really frustrated over this problem, does anyone have any suggestions? chkdskLog.txt