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    SSD as Backups

    I would say a hard drive with adequate SMART data should be able to tell you when it is wearing down, and if you have the backup on some kind of timer you could use an old computer and wake-on-lan so it only needs the hard drive whilst it is backing up, this sort of set up should outlive at least 3 computers.
  2. ComputerSci


    My audio trails from the jack into the audio-in port on my stereo which is located a couple of shelves up, is this close enough to cause such a problem?
  3. I would certainly go the OCD, my friend has the very same model and says it is a very good drive that will most likely out live his computer looking at the SMART statistics. I might be a bit biased though as I have not heard about the OCX's performance.
  4. ComputerSci


    I have just been looking around, many sources say they have exposed an SSD to magnets and they are not affected. I do sometimes wonder what it causing the magnetic field in here though.
  5. ComputerSci

    The next level?

    It could however drive the prices of the SSDs down by quite a bit and allow regular users to start using SSDs more whilst the new power users are using the new technology, we could be waving goodbye to the normal hard disks then.
  6. ComputerSci

    SSD ROI Calculator

    Hehe, this reminds me of a web comic I once found while my code was compiling, programmers excuse for legitimately slacking off:
  7. ComputerSci


    Hello there, Does anybody have any interesting benchmark results comparing HDDs and SSDs? I want to know the exact benefit I will get from switching before I do so. I am really excited about switching but would like to see some facts and figures before I go spending some money!
  8. ComputerSci

    Things that will damage SSD

    SSDs will also include SMART data just like a HDD does so you can gain the data from any program as to how your hard disk is doing at that point. If it is noticing any slides in performance it should let you know and tell you how to deal with it.
  9. ComputerSci

    SSDs for Mac?

    I have found quite an interesting guide you can use which should hopefully guide you through the processes of installing an SSD in a Mac, you probably would not need the first bit assuming you were going to install an SSD the moment you got a mac:
  10. ComputerSci

    SSD as Backups

    I would like to add to this by saying that an SSD can take up to 45TB of writing before it starts wearing down if you do not format 10% of the drive, this means that if you were to backup 1TB per week, it would still last you a year. That is incredibly extreme and no-one I know backs up that much so you can expect an SSD to last you at least 3 years
  11. ComputerSci

    Cloning software

    I also do my cloning on the command line using dd and fdisk, I only clone certain partitions and dd helps me make sure I can set it up in cron so that everything is done in the background at some time in the middle of the night when I'm likely not to be on the computer.
  12. ComputerSci

    The next level?

    Just wondering whether any of you guys think SSDs are going to catch on before the next "new thing" comes out. Especially since financial times are still tough and many people do not see the advantages of having an SSD when they could just stay with the old hard disk.
  13. ComputerSci

    Hybrid Drives

    Taking the advice of the above post, I found a very nice laptop hard drive and have just ordered one for my old laptop to replace the HDD (which currently has more bad clusters than it should have hehe). I cannot wait until it arrives
  14. ComputerSci


    My old HDD died a few years ago, I have since bought a new one but I think the reason it died was because a magnetic field, do SSDs have the same problem? If not what potential problem could I have?
  15. ComputerSci

    Limited lifetime?

    I was just reading up getting an SSD and have noticed that they use flash memory, reading up a bit more I found that flash memory does not support as many read/write cycles as a traditional hard disk. I was just wondering how limited the lifetime of an SSD would be?