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    Best drive for WHS box

    I just read that Samsung is coming out with a F4EG with 667GB platters and a speed of only 4300RPM, which should be good for power usage aswell i would imagine. Unfortunately I can't seem to source one here in Denmark.
  2. I am building a WHS box and I need to choose which HDD's to go with. I've been reading the reviews of the "green" drives here on and I don't know which of them to go with. I have my eyes on these 3 drives: Seagate Barracuda LP 2TB Western Digital WD20EARS 2TB Samsung F3EG 2TB I have read the reviews of the WD20EARS and F3EG, still waiting on the review for the Seagate LP and don't know which one of them to choose. Right now I am leaning towards the WD20EARS because of the Advance Format and thus being able to cram more space out of the drive. I've read that the Seagate drive only has a load/unload rating of 50.000 cycles while the others are rated at 300.000 cycles, furthermore I believe the Seagate drive use an older form of head-parking - however the seagate drive seems to be the fastest drive of the three. A little side question, is WHS capable of handling 4k sectors without problems? Because if it doesn't that would count against the WD20EARS. Please let me know what you guys think