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    WD Red 8TB Review Discussion

    Ok, thanks again Brian best wishes!
  2. Il Gran K

    WD Red 8TB Review Discussion

    So right now there's no indipendent data about these He Drives to check if they are any more power efficient than the 'old gen', right?
  3. Il Gran K

    WD Red 8TB Review Discussion

    Hi In the conclusion, you talk abot power efficiency, but no power data is given across the review. I has asked a similar question some time ago, and you said that the new testbed would be providing very precise power figures.. but still no data? Many thanks for your hard work
  4. Hi Guys! @Brian, we have good wines here, but I don't know if a bottle would survive an International shipping (you do live in the USA, right?).. but we can try @Kevin: the server is doing everything : (home automation, http server,ftp server, vpn endpoint, torrent client/server,media server etc) to have just one machine to power up. In the last years I've been thinking to switch to a simplier solution (raspberry Pi 2 (around 2.5Wh) that should power on the 'main' server when the need arises (put/retrieve data from the storage disks.. ie basically converting it to a NAS). The problem is, (apart from the power up times) that in the end I doubt I would be saving much power. @both: Thanks for the kind offer, I'm kinda tempted by it.. even if, to be honest my Momentus 750Gb is even too large for its purpose.. when it will eventually die I'll replace it with the least power hungry among the laptop drives. About SSDs, at the time I bought this latest 2.5 drive (around 3 years ago) a similarly sized SSD would have been 20 times more pricey, and for its purpose (the i/o is frequent, but most of the times we're talking just a few hundred kb/s) it would have been overkill (and switching to an ssd would have saved just around 1Wh if my figures at the time were right) btw, if anyone is interested there's a great guide to hack motherboards into consuming WAY less power, here this guy (he's a genius) managed to run a modern system at 8.5Wh, nearly half than mine) ...back to me, about the photos, you mean of the panorama, the fridge or the server? Thanks again guys!
  5. Hi, and thanks for the quick and kind replies! I'm running solar because I live in mountain area not served by the grid Energy is precious when you are off-grid and often you run on batteries I have a freezer converted as refrigerator which runs just a few W/h and my server is made up of an i3 2100T, downvolted, with 1x DDR3 low voltage ram stick, an intel DH67BL motherboard ,4xWD30EZRX for storage and 1 x 2.5" Seagate Momentus hdd for the OS.. everything running on a 12v PicoPsu. The server, with the storage disks spun down, (99% of the time) consumes less than 14W/h. In the past (when I had more free time!) I had an rs-232 controlled relay that completely cut power to the storage disks, but then I had to wait for some time after powering them up before windows would recognize them. I'm in Italy btw, and any tip is appreciated Thanks guys!
  6. Hi Brian Thanks for the quick reply I had seen that article, and since you showed all that power cords, I had understood your new measurements would be towards AC power, (ie, servers, SANs etc) rather than DC power of bare drives alone.. that, and the fact that all the latest review are lacking the power figures.. which again, were very appreciated. I run a small server in a place with solar power only, and power consumption is a key factor when choosing hardware. Last time I went with 3TB Caviar greens, but now it is time for an upgrade, and the power-to-capacity factor is an issue... having that data would have been useful But I do recognize your hard work, so please sorry me and many thanks again for your great service sincerely Aldo
  7. Hi everyone I have noticed that newer reviews are missing totally the power consumption tests... either basic, like this one or in-depth, like this one I think that this data was really useful in choosing low-power, efficient drives.. may you bring it back in future reviews please? Thanks!