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    SSD as Backups

    I was just thinking like what you said that SSD's are fast so they could be good for backups. So what I can do is to setup the SSD as my main drive for the OS and then use the HDD as the backup storage. Is this alright?
  2. Armand

    Things that will damage SSD

    Will it have the same effect if we format the HDD often. I know this should be discussed in the HDD forum but the frequent formatting was already mentioned here. How can we maintain the optimum performance of the SSD then?
  3. Armand

    SSD as Backups

    Is it good to make SSD as backup drives? I'm currently using a partition in my HDD as my backup and sometimes DVD's. How will SSD fair in using them as backups?
  4. Armand

    Things that will damage SSD

    Dhanson865, I really appreciate the tutorial or precaution that SSD owners should do to lengthen the lifespan of the SSD. I've never thought that formatting will lessen the life of an SSD.
  5. What are the things done on the SSD that will eventually damage the SSD? Let us consider that everything is used in a normal method. To ask this in another perspective, what are the common problems that SSD have?
  6. Armand

    Cloning software

    What I understand with serial numbers, especially for Windows OS, is that the SN is good only for one computer. I didn't thought that we can use the same SN for a number computer as long as we own all of those computers. Please enlighten me.
  7. Armand

    Cloning software

    Is cloning illegal? I mean the system will be copied exactly, with all the serials of the programs from the source disk. Can we make cloning as backup?
  8. Armand

    Recovering Files From Broken SSD

    Broken as in the SSD is physically damage. Say for example, the video where the SSD was hit by a golf club and the SSD was broken into pieces. Is there still a way to retrieve the data with this kind of damage?
  9. Is there a way to recover files from a broken SSD? Until what state does an SSD should be for the files to be recovered?
  10. Armand

    Ssd Defies Death!

    This is a good idea and it will encourage companies to create an SSD that is damage proof. This will enhance the SSD's toughness and we can be more secure with our data stored in them.
  11. Armand


    What I can remember with ME is that it loads forever. Windows 98 is even better than ME in my opinion. If I'm not mistaken, we can't transfer large files from NTFS to Fat32 so I guess it is better to make the format of the other partitions in NTFS as well.
  12. Armand


    Is it alright to format one partition with (for example) Fat32 and the main partition as NTFS? Will this create problems on the type of files being saved or files transferred between the partitions?
  13. I'm with reliability on this one. The other aspects are not that important to me but having a reliable storage material is my number one priority. What good is the speed, memory, interface, and security if the data you save won't be properly stored.
  14. Armand

    The Meaning of the Name

    I truly enjoyed reading the history of this. The paper-type memory seems to be like the one shown in the movie Matrix, the monitor that has raining letters. I'm glad that I don't have to use such memory anymore.
  15. This is not a problem but just arose from my curiosity. Why does SSD have the name solid state? Is it because there are no moving parts of the disk or is there something else?