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    Need ideas for proper data backup

    Form my point of view,online FTP storage is a good for data back up which I m using.You just need to make a FTP connection and back up your data daily.After taking back up,disconnect it.Its the safest way to keep your data protected.
  2. keilysmith

    Free Online Storage

    Good list!This online storage services allow us to keep safe our files like pictures,videos or important documents safe.I have used some of the services from the above list.All are quite good.I found Mesh very faster on creating back up and keep data safe on exchanging files over Internet.
  3. keilysmith

    Online FTP Storage

    FTP is a storage system, which was originally created specifically to enable secure exchange of large files over Internet. Files can be sent by e-mail attachment. This practice, however, become inefficient cargo, when the actual size of byte file will start to become quite large.