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    I have only made one partition on my SSD as I don't really think I need than that. However, there seems to be a lot of debate on the net about the benefits of having at least three. I also read that the one with your OS should be defragged once a week. Do you agree with that?
  2. Does anyone know of a decent software package for cloning say a Windows installation from my HDD to an SSD? I'm not sure if this is feasible, sizewise and if it will actually cause a problem with running Windows later. Cheers.
  3. Zinger

    SSDs of the future

    If you think about how much has changed already in the design and performance of SSDs it's mind blowing. I heard one prediction is that flash throughput will likely double every year.
  4. Zinger

    Ssd Defies Death!

    I know a couple of people who are accident prone so an SSD is a life saver for them. I almost expected to see a 'don't try this at home' disclaimer on the later vids .
  5. Zinger

    SSDs for Macs

    My friend is buying a Macbook, (13 I think but could be 15 if he decides to spend the extra cash), and is planning to get an SSD for it. Does anyone here have a Mac or any recommendations for which SSD is the best for them?
  6. Zinger

    10 Second Windows 7 Boot

    I find the time from pressing the power button to being able to actually use the PC slows the more programs I download (of course), so have to agree that defining 'usable'is important. Meanwhile here is another video comparing and contrasting speeds. P.S. I like the red keyboard in the previous vid!
  7. Zinger

    Secure Erasing

    Thanks for posting the link Brian. I like to book mark as much as possible for a rainy day. I had a quick look at the site and found about 25 words and phrases I don't know so that's another rainy day taking care of! I heard that some people have problems with secure erase, with their machine freeze locking the command. Why does this happen?
  8. Zinger

    Diy Ssds

    Yeah, it sounds like fun as an experiment, but I would still rather buy something than make it if the outcome isn't likely to be up to the job. I wonder when someone will invent a more likely DIY alternative though. There must be folk working on this feverishly somewhere as I type.
  9. We all know that prices for a new SSD vary between products. So how do you choose your new drive? If you vote on the poll please add a comment here to explain why you made that choice. (I appreciate I have not allowed multiple choices so feel free to elaborate here if you find that an issue.)
  10. Zinger

    Average Life Expectancy

    I like the phrase about going from working fine to being a brick! I have never been unlucky enough to have anything die on me, fingers crossed I never do. I was surprised to see that so many fail within three years though. If they are not counting the numbers of fad buys, which wouldn't be around to die within that time, the real stats could be higher, right?