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  1. Rugged

    SSD Reliability

    Are you not updating the thread anymore? I think if you did you would find the Samsung 470 is going to be right up there with the Intel. On NBR they did a poll as well and it turned up some very intersting information. Thanks!
  2. MaxShareWare Your #s look good but why is your Unsafe Shutdown #s so high compared to your Total Power On Hours Count? That is kind of strange...
  3. Intel 80GB G2. I can't remember how old it is but I purchased it not long after it 1st came out. Power On Hours: 1558 Total Write: 3.07TB Reallocated Sectors: 0 This drive is right on par in the stability, reliability with being a tad slower than my Samsung 470 256GB SSD. I love this drive though!
  4. Rugged

    SSD Reliability

    A couple of points I would like to add; I have an Intel G1 E-Extreme SLC that has been running non stop since the day I installed it. 3 years of non stop R/W ops. Still silently performing flawless. Corsair F-Series 120GB; No problems to complain about, just not very consistant. Samsung 470 256GB; Installed it 6 months ago. I would put it on par with my Intel G2 80GB. They are both extremley stable, never one error or hiccup. The latest Samsung FW changes the entire updating process. It is non destructive now and it's as simple as loading a disk that you have burned an .iso file onto to update the FW. If someone screws that up, they don't need to be doing FW updates. Samsung will do it for free if you send them the drive. I would not hesitate to purchase another Samsung 470 in a heart beat.
  5. You better hope you don't have a problem with it. Such as the BSOD so many of the F120 Series SSD owners had. There support is close to non existant, and like to push the bame on the owner if there is a problem. I own 5 SSD's, 2 of them the same manufacture, being Intel. Corsair releases FW updates about every 6 to 10 months if we are lucky. Don't get me wrong, my F-120 had no problems thank god. But lord, is there alot of unhappy owners out there. My favorite, most consistant SSD I am using in my stable right now is a Samsung 470 256GB. A FW update gets released at least once a month with great improvements, not releases to fix problems. Good Luck!
  6. Rugged

    SSD as Backups

    This thread is exactly what I needed! Here is my scoop, tell me if I am doing anything wrong. Do not factor in the cost while reading this. I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 Fully Rugged mounted in a Gamber/Johnson Docking Station. The main OS/Computer drive is a Corsair F-Series 120Gb SSD. I have a Sandisc 8Gb Extreme lll SDHC that goes in behind a fully enclosed waterproof door on my laptop. I then have a Intel 32GB SSD-E GN1 in an enclosed rugged caddy via USB 2.0. I have a software program on my computer that I have to use pretty much all day, or shall I say it's my main reason for this laptop. I create around 10 to 20 PDF's throughout my day that are extremley important. I move them over to my SD card during the day. Whenever I have to close the program I also do a .MDB backup onto the SD card throughout the day as well. At the end of the week I move all my weeks data over to the Intel SSD as a backup. Am I doing anything wrong here, or is there something I can do different which would be better as in how I have it setup? The main reason I am using this Intel SSD is because it is really too small for my main drive. I bought it awhile ago and used it with no problems and since getting 2 other SSD's this Intel has just been laying around growing dust. Please throw me all your opinions! I value them all. Thanks
  7. Rugged

    Corsair F-120 Info Please

    It is 1.0 I did not realize they had updated it. I will go on there web site right now.
  8. I have just moved over my OS onto my Corsair 120GB F-Series I had purchased last month. I was using an Intel G2 80GB, but needed more storage. So far I am really enjoying this drive. I have ran some benchmarking tests on it with AS SSD, and HDTune 4.6 Pro which now includes alot more support for SSD's. On my AS tests I am getting around a 300 final score. With HDtune I am arounf 190 on the read and write tests. I would think I would get better than that? A couple of things I need help with please. 1st off, does anybody have any test results with either of these 2 benchmarking tools? Also, I am kinda confused about how to make sure that the SSD is using the best driver? In my Device Manager I am showing Standard AHCI 1.0 Serial ATA Controller with the driver being the old standard Microsoft 16385. Also showing Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller with the same driver. In the Drive itself the driver is showing the same standard Microsoft driver 6.1.7600.16385. I don't remember my Intel having these drivers. If I am not giving you guys the correct info you need to help me please let me know. Here is a little bit about my computer. Panasonic Toughbook CF-30 MK3 Intel® Core2 Duo CPU/L9300@ 1.60GHz Things just don't seem to be as snappy as I thought they would be, and mostly a little slower than the Intel SSd. Case in point is when I click to open up my Device manager. It takes like 4 seconds for it to open up all the way. I know it's a crazy example, but I think you will get my jest. Thanks guys! Any help or knowledge would be greatly appreciated. BTW, I have turned off SuperFetch and Disabled the Defrag.
  9. Rugged

    Great Site!

    It is a Panasonic Toughbook CF-30MK3. From what I can see it is running off of the MS drivers, but it used to have the Intel drivers in there for the SSD. I am not sure why it has changed?
  10. Rugged

    Great Site!

    Here is a snap shot of my drive. Is this the driver I should be using? I don't think so???
  11. Rugged

    Great Site!

    I am running W7 in all my machines. I am a member of Technet and wonder if my W7 version might be a tad different? I just popped in my other caddy that has the Corsair SSD in it. I looked at my Services.exe and sure enough defrag was not disabled. Interesting.....
  12. Rugged

    Great Site!

    1st off I would like to say what a great board this is. I was pointed this direction from another forum user and am very glad to have been told about it. I am getting to be an SSD nut So far I have 4 of them. I started off with the Intel 32Gb SLC, which is great, but just too small. I then bought a Patriot Warp 64Gb which actually has been pretty darn good in my opinion. I then got a 80Gb Intel 2nd Gen which I use in my everyday Toughbook. I recently purchased the Corsair F-Series 128Gb. I have just installed the OS on it and have not been able to play around on it very much. I realize that the defrag should be turned off. However, I keep reading that W7 does this automaticaly. On all my W7 installs it has never been turned off automatically? I recently read the article from Intel stating to disable SuperFetch, which I did. Can't really see a difference in my opinion. Now the System Restore is a little bit of a personal preference in my opinion. I have never voyaged without it. It has saved my butt on several occasions! I am going to disbale it and see what happens for a day though. On my Intel SSD TRIM tool it usually takes about 10 seconds. Is that about normal, or should it be alot faster? I do remember one time where it really screwed up my OS and I had to do a clean install. I believe I had a problem and the TRIM tool just so happened to exploit it somehow? Anyway, thanks for letting me express my thanks for the site. I will be doing alot of reading on here now.