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    I've bought 3 Hitachi's 7k2000 to setup a raid5 config with a perc5i controller. They all have the same firmware version JKAOA28A. Connected the harddisk to an onboard sata port and tried to enable ERC, default it was disabled. After a reboot ERC was still enabled, only when powering down the machine the setting was lost. Brand Type Type2 Size RPM Revision Firmware Available Default Reboot Powercycle Hitachi HDS722020ALA330 Deskstar 2.0TB 7200 - JKAOA28A Yes Disabled Stay Lost I've read a lot of topics on the internet about TLER/CCTL etc, the reason that i've bought Hitachi's was because of the good compatibility with raid configs. But now i'm a bit confused what to do. As i'm running Windows i'm unable to change this setting when connected to the raid controller. I'm wondering why this is only possible in Linux? Is it because of a driver issue? and will it be possible in the future? Does anyone have a guide to change this settings automatically when powering on the machine and running windows?