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    Thank you for this fantastic post. It felt like godsend as HDDs are constantly dropping off my RAID array -- but unfortunately it seems I got my hopes up too soon, as I'm unable to set ERC on my system. Here's some details, in case someone wants to try to lend a helping hand: OS: Windows Vista Ultimate SP2 64-bit RAID adapter: 3ware/AMCC 9500S-8 RAID firmware: FE9X RAID driver: HDDs in RAID: 1 x Samsung HD154UI (Spare), 1 x WD WD15EADS, 2 x Seagate ST31500341AS I can actually get information for each drive by entering "sdb,[0-3]" as target device. Smartctl reports that all drives exist in smartctl database, and all drives support SMART and it's enabled. But when I try to change the scterc parameters, I get an error message: Warning: device does not support SCT (Set) Error Recovery Control command Suggest common arguments: scterc,70,70 to enable ERC or sct,0,0 to disable That first line of text is also returned when I try to read the ERC status of any HDD. I also tried accessing the HDDs via "tw_cli/c0/p[0-3]" but while it returns some information, it seems much more limited in its capabilities than the method described above. I'm out of ideas here. Any help would be much appreciated. cheers, :: petri