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    HP giving up on WHS

    I have installed a LOT of Small Business Servers and feel it is a good solution, but WHS never caught my attention as a great option when there are so many fantastic home NAS devices for less money, less headache and NO WINDOWS! Best, Roger.
  2. NetworkStorageTips

    Raid 5 technical questions

    I admire all the work you did to set that up, but in my experience with RAID arrays over the years I have found that I like things as "standard" as possible. Years ago, before Adaptec standardized their RAID controllers, if a controller died and you replaced it with a new controller, the new controller could not read the existing RAID array of drives - even though it was in PERFECT condition! Really fried me at the time, couldn't believe what I was hearing. Their answer, of course, was DUPLEXING which means you buy a SECOND expensive RAID controller from them to keep the server from going down. Naturally, you still have to replace the controllers (and buy 2 no less) it just gives you the opportunity to delay the transition and do a current backup at your convenience. best, Roger.
  3. NetworkStorageTips

    Which drive to buy in my NAS?

    continuum, Love your reply! I deal so much with people who lose data, cry to me, want me to miraculously get it back. THEN.. They ask me what to buy for a replacement unit, I recommend something rock solid, they start whining about the price, then go buy something cheaper. (When they come back for help the next time, I don't bother) Regards
  4. NetworkStorageTips

    Seagate Intros GoFlex Home NAS

    Hmmm, another backup device that users may end up storing data on that exists nowhere else, yet no RAID for hard drive redundancy. I could say I hope people know the difference, but I know better. I'm sure there is a market for it, but personally I find people often trouble shooting wireless connections on something that will move large quantities of data. Regards, Roger.
  5. NetworkStorageTips

    Is it just too early for NAS RAID?

    I am a big fan of many NAS RAID devices, I personally use a Netgear ReadyNAS NVX in my home and in my office. If you are concerned about performance, then perhaps you may be interested in the new Atom based Netgear ReadyNAS Ultra's. here is a blog post you may find worth reading: Regards, Roger.