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  1. Well, about 3TB drives , no need to be greedy but .. SSD for boot, yes (But no idea which SSD, few of them seems to be having firmware issues, any decent one out yet?) Regarding warm welcoming, thanks! and about relocation, I agree, sorry for opening the topic at wrong forum category :-/ Mickey, No backup plans , but is there any possibility that I may need it because of the raid/multiplier setup? (I mean I already have 18TB fulled drives and none of failed or crashed yet) My old setup: I was connecting my 2TB drives as secondary drive to my PC and download the content , make the disk full then disconnect and connect new 2TB.
  2. First of all, thank you for your reply. Well, my goal is to create a expandable system for my home storage which will last for 2-3 years.. I'm connected to 2Gpbs metro ethernet network and I have been authorized to leech it until to the last bytes I'll be filling my drives with usuall stuff like mp3s,dvds, ebooks etc.. (usuall pirate stuff ) Plus I may be using it also for the Virtualbox.. About the budget, since its been sponsored by my boss we are all ok to take it to the limits I have considered 9U Chembro as the case. It already has cooling fans inside the case but I never run 50bay server so I really have no idea what is the proper temp for it.. But I'm all open to any suggestions .. As PSU, I'm considering 1620 Watt 3+1 Redundant psu. 24GB DDR3 Ram Mainboard - CPU -> Open for any suggestions what else ? I'm aiming to build a expandable system which will work without any issues and wont shutdown itself or create any issues like bluescreens..
  3. Hi all, I'm considering to build a new home server which will hold 50x2TB drives. As a case, I'm considering 9U/50 bay chembro. But I still dont know how I'll able to connect more than sata drives that mainboard already supports? For example, I can connect 4 sata drives to my mainboard but for connecting more than 4 drives, what should I do? sata port multiplier? I really dont know how its being done, if someone can point me a way I'd be really appreciate it. .