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  1. Haha I agree... Catch-22. Bah everyone's always hollering about the "market" this and that... UNLESS you provide studies PROVING your claim, it's hearsay and innately MOOT. PROVE IT. Market my ass, who doesn't want a 500GB blazing fast SSD? It's THE largest technical improvement in computing hardware yet, but the "market" is keeping prices high? What a laugh, most of you don't know *hit about the "market." It's a FRAUD, they are keeping prices high b/c they CAN; duh, it's always worked like this. Most users (who WE rely on to buy in mass, so prices drop) have zero clue about just how much faster SSDs are vs mech-drives. Thus the "demand," won't be there at all. Why would Dell, HP etc... offer SSDs when the masses don't even know the benefits and thus don't want to pay a little more. Plus there are CONTRACTS signed by vendors of mech-HDs with HP, Dell, Lenovo, which haven't yet expired. Why risk a huge hit to your company's rep with these "still in developement" SSDs? They are sticking with mech-HDs bc they WORK and that's all that matters in the end. No fiddling around with TRIM, and firmware and diff chip sets blah blah = hardware uncertainty is NOT what successful businesses are about; they are going to use what works until SSDs can be proven as reliable as mech-HDs (omitting the high-end/power users who usually know what they are buying). I'm certainly NOT going to be another $600 CD-R 1x burner retard buying this junk, until it's proven reliable, the price drops, and a solid warranty backing it up also. I believe another poster was talking about why the price has not yet dropped and more yahoo'ing about "the market,"... How about you take a read and compare the so-called "market" time line. http://www.everyjoe....m-1980-to-2009/ HAHA the "market," go shove it or PROVE it... Aka you're WRONG and cannot.
  2. Wow... nothing at all; amazing how this forum stays afloat, should be a simple question for this board.
  3. v12v12

    New HDD burn-in routines?

    I must say thanks to 6_6_6 for taking his time to post all of this valuable information. I cannot help but laugh at anyone arguing AGAINST testing your drive for errors or the likely hood of future errors. That's like saying "well I've never been in an accident in 20yrs, so I don't buy that seat-belts are useful for me." While I wouldn't go to the same extent of testing as 6_6_6, I do put my drives through a pretty harsh testing to weed out any weaknesses. I don't care what anyone says; TEST YOUR DRIVES THOROUGHLY BEFORE you put sensitive data on them. Nothing is worse than losing data AND all the time and hassle you went through collecting it, transferring it etc. As far as "burning-in," I think that what he's talking about is his methodology for it. He goes through a "burn-in" aka "testing" procedure. Once the drive passes with no errors it's considered "burnt-in," aka VERIFIED as "safe" to assume any further usage of the drive will work properly. BTW- A HD isn't at all like an engine that is DESIGNED to be "broken-in," but it should be put through it's proper paces to at least confirm if the drive is performing AS ADVERTISED. Redlining an engine not designed to run consistently in the upper limits of it's performance window = stupidity. And running a HD in an environment which it's not designed to optimally function = stupidity. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how XYZ drive is the fastest this and that, then when you get it, test it, you find the drive isn't meeting the advertised specs etc. Those that don't test their drives and just leave it up to "chance," are fools; by definition and proper application of "logic..."
  4. (XP-SP3) I got an new Promise S150Tx4 for my old OC'er NF7-S 2.0 and of course with the drivers and everything running/working and installed, I cannot for the life of me get the dang drives to show up. All I'm trying to do atm is run both my boot drive and Storage drive in JBOD mode, which should be as simple as installing said drivers, attaching drives, disabling the on-board mobo Sata-raid support, and enabling SCSI boot in the mobo bios and so forth; well as you can read, it's not working. When I go to boot from my Raptor and the storage drive connected to ports 1-2, I get "disk boot error, blah blah"... When I reconnect the raptor to the mobo, and the Storage to the S150, win boots, but the drive doesn't show, yet in the dev-mgr = the card and driver shows up fine... What gives, am I forgetting something simple?