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  1. ericg

    emergency head landing details?

    There is absolutely no diff between normal and abnormal head retraction. Don't make up bullshit. Cutting off power to the drive has been standard practice for decades, and drives are designed for it.
  2. You have to test the two arrays independently. You have the RAID 0 in the first third and RAID 5 in the rest of the drive. The first array will have read speed almost twice as fast.
  3. ericg

    emergency head landing details?

    There is no such thing as forced spin down. When you hit the power button, Windows does not issue the ATA/SCSI power down commands. You get the same whether you pull the plug or Windows does APM soft-off. Power is generated by the spindle motor and that pulls the actuator to the landing zone.
  4. ericg

    Slower with NCQ ?

    Given that nobody else has seen this in Windows on an ICH*R, consider other faults. What hard drive do you have? It could have broken SATA2 firmware.
  5. ericg

    eSATA Behavior

    The BIOS is complaining because the disk configuration changes? That's brain damage. If it has a drive type setting, change it to NONE.
  6. ericg

    Extend raid5 array

    You could also get 3 1TB drives. Use a pair to create a RAID 0 array and copy the data over. Remove the 500GB drives, and upgrade to RAID 5 with the other 1TB drive.
  7. probably a short seek to prevent local wear and heating of tracks.
  8. ericg

    HD Tune Vs. HD Tach?

    HD tune crashes my system. I use hd_speed to check read speed, very simple and tiny.
  9. You will never get decent write performance with FAT32. The FAT is 30MB and is searched sequentially. Try 64KB clusters. Very likely NTFS will work fine.
  10. ericg

    2048GB limitation on Adaptec 2410SA

    If you have 4 x 1TB in RAID 5, you get a 3TB. Partitioning does not change anything. This requires GPT instead of MBR, which has 32-bit LBA in the partition table. It also requires drivers use 64-bit LBA, which is a problem with some older RAID cards.
  11. ericg

    How should I allocate hdd space?

    You certainly don't run a web server on your desktop and XP.
  12. ericg

    New to SCSI could use help

    These are half-height drives and run hot. Will likely fail unless the case was designed for SCA.
  13. Why are you using a single drive on a RAID card? I doubt it uses the cache in this mode. It would only slow IO down doing the extra copy. The drive and OS cache is more than sufficient.
  14. I just disabled a drive a week ago in Device Manager.
  15. Does fdisk /status from DOS report 2TB or 1.5? I would not use dynamic in this situation, you can still extend NTFS partitions with basic.