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  1. I have a Gigabyte GA-G33M-S2H motherboard with BIOS version F1. I noticed version F3 has this fix: "Some of 1000 GB (1TB) HDDs will be detected size error." so I downloaded it and put it on a USB flash memory to update the BIOS. However it couldn't detect the usb drive so I rebooted in order to double check the instructions. Then I noticed the 2tb drive is showing up as 2tb. Here's what I tried unsuccessfully: rebooting, formatting the drive, changing partitioning scheme from MBR to GUID back to MBR. Problem solved... by itself. Someone on community.wdc.com sent me a link to this thread which explains what the problem is and how to solve it: http://community.wdc.com/t5/Other-Internal-Drives/wdidle3-broke-my-wd10ears-hard-disk/m-p/40589#M404
  2. Unfortunately I can't. However, from what I've read Linux should have no problem with 4k sector and other people have been able to detect all 2tb on their drives. The guys at #debian say that 4k sectors shouldn't make it show up as a 1tb disk anyway. I looked in BIOS and it shows up as a 1tb drive there as well.
  3. Hi, I bought a WD20EARS and it's showing up as a 1tb drive. I tried setting the partitioning scheme to GUID instead of MBR but that didn't solve anything. I also sent an email to WD customer care but apparently they don't support Linux. Any ideas? uname -a smartctl
  4. Congratulations Mkruer!
  5. yvv

    SR Review Queue

    I will probably replace a harddrive within a few months so I'm also looking forward to a face-off between green drives. SSDs are nice but so far the price is too high for me.
  6. Thought it would be over by now, maybe there's time for one last post?
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    64-bit OS?

    I've been using 64-bit since 2007 and the only reason is that my cpu can handle it. It just works so why shouldn't I use it. I've seen a few benchmarks and some things are faster, some things aren't. I doubt I actually notice the difference. It just feels good.
  8. Doh! Missed a day, again. Hoping for the best.
  9. I think this drive will look good on my desk
  10. Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.
  11. You breathe, Frosting mountains white, Exciting trees to verdant flame, Dancing sparrows on your wing, Swirling waves into long sighs. You breathe And all things live.
  12. Here's a link that works. And this doesn't matter, just use GnuPG.