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  1. Will affordable 10TB+ drives show up anytime soon? right now, the highest capacity drive that i would call affordable is the $190 western digital blue 6TB and its been stuck there for a while now. i always liked that lineup....previously it was called Green...and Seagate also had similar drives.. anyways, right now 10 and 12TB are prohibitively expensive....when should we expect 10TB to move to the 200-300 price range?
  2. flashyprince

    Oldest Hard Drive that is still working

    i got some from about 2005...not that old but still working fine...im sure some people have some from the 90s
  3. i ended up doing 2 sessions... one of 500gb and one of 1.5TB.... the 1.5TB took me 17 hours to transfer.. everything went smooth. the external source drive wasnt even that hot at the end.... i dont know how the internal destination drive fared but probably similar... so moral of the story, if you do have huge transfers to do...by all means...send away...but never forget to have backups before proceeding, just in case :-) thanks for the help. P.S. IT FEELS SO GOOD to replace a 100% full 2TB drive by a 50% full 4TB drive ! wow...such a relief.
  4. i do have backups of course...but still lol... ok.. nice... what im going to do is put my 2TB in a docking station...and then copy the data on my internal 4TB.....so yeah...no cooling at all i guess... im not sure what you guys meant by cooling anyways...i know cpu's and gpu's have a cooling fan..but hard drives? anyways, i think im going to do 2 sessions of 1TB each anyway not because im afraid of overheating but because 2TB would be too damn long and my computer is in my bedroom and i dont like having it running at night when im trying to sleep. im still rocking USB 2.0 on my old docking station
  5. okay...so i recently upgraded to a 4TB drive...and im going to copy on it all of the data that i had on my old 2TB drive which is pretty much full at this point.. 2TB is a pretty big transfer....should i split this amount in say 500GB or less? could transferring the full 2TB in one session be dangerious in terms of overheating etc..? thanks for your inputs :-)
  6. thanks people..........you guys are hardcore pundits.. i think everyone should own docking stations....its amazing for offsite backups...i just put the drives in one of those cases and ship them to grandma's place.... pretty effective against disasters or burglaries.... only a nuclear strike on my entire city would destroy my data.
  7. wow, im stunned...i just found a model that says its compatible with any drive capacity.....nice!! http://www.amazon.ca/thermaltake-Blacx-External-Drive-ST0022U/dp/B0051U1XMS you can be sure i'll be all over those 10TB drives when they hit the market!!!
  8. really? that has something to do with the 64 bit OS correct?..
  9. hi guys, i love those little devices...these hard drive docking stations...its super useful for me when i want to do my regular back ups. i do seem to notice that in their product descriptions, they seem to indicate that capacities supported on these docking stations lag behind the largest hard drive capacities available. a lot of them wont go past 2 or 4TB....but these are "tested" capacities...so im wondering maybe larger drives would work, but its just that they havent been tested yet or werent even on the market when the product description was made. im really looking forward to buying a docking station. preferably one with 2 slots, that could support 8TB drives or more.. anybody knows if this is already on the market..? or it is to be expected soon. thanks.
  10. flashyprince

    4TB HDD with 1TB platters

    when are we going to see $150 for 4TB's? i remember back in 2010 i bought a few 2TB's for 77 bucks! now 4TB runs at $300 a pop or more...i know i know the thailand flood......but come on now...its been a while.
  11. flashyprince

    Annoying ticking sound and frequent checkdisks.

    i found the guilty phucker. my sata power cable.
  12. flashyprince

    Annoying ticking sound and frequent checkdisks.

    i bought my 3 hard drives at 3 different places, at 3 different times and they`re from 2 different manufacturers....so im 99% convinced that they are not causing their own troubles here. it MUST be something else in my computer that is the cause of all this. thanks for the above comments, i guess i`ll have to try switching my power supply. if that bad boy is not guilty...then i dont know what to do.