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    External hard drive questions

    I guess Im not the only one that backs up twice. LOL
  2. Boosted2003

    Date recovery from Maxtor One Touch III ?

    Might need to look into data recovery service if the hard-drive is that bad. I can't say I would recommend this but if you can get a hard drive exactly like the one you have. You could swap the platters from one drive to another if can build a small dust free static free room but mainly dust free.
  3. Boosted2003

    Western Digital Scorpio "Black" Drive

    Thanks for the welcome. So far the drive is just short of amazing. I was originally thinking I needed to upgrade my memory cause when I ran Microsoft Windows XP SP3 virtual image using VMware Fusion it would run really slow for 1gb of memory. Once I upgraded the hard-drive I was amazed cause I do not need addition memory at all. I am able to burn dvd's in Windows while I surf the net and everything else in the Mac OS.
  4. Boosted2003

    Samsung STORY Station 3.0 Contest

    This would be awesome to have this as a backup for all my stuff.
  5. I have been looking for a new hard-drive for my Apple MacBook(2.4ghz w/ 2gb). I have come to find out my factory 160gb Hitachi to just not enough memory. I have about 35-40gb tied between music and a few movies. Had another 20gb tied up in Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3 virtual machine image. I was running about 30gb left and with trying to install Microsoft Windows 7 (64bit) I knew I needed a larger drive. So I figured out why not get faster as well as larger. So I started to research drives whether to get larger version of the factory Hitachi drive but for performance the Scorpio "Black" kept coming up in articles and out of friends mouths. I started to look at pricing a few months ago but never got around to getting the drive. Today, I checked out the pricing on Western Digital - Scorpio 320GB Internal SATA Hard Drive for Laptops-WD3200KTRTL and Best Buy had a pretty good deal on the drive at $69.99. When I went into the store they had it listed as $84.99. When I went up the cashiers girl was very nice about matching Best Buys online price when I showed her it on my iPhone. (I know I could have made it look cheaper, but hey I am a fairly honest man here) This was about as cheap as you are going to get it unless you save a few dollars on the internet but after shipping it will be about the same and you wont have the item today when you want to play with it. I still needed a means to copy my old hard-drive to my new hard-drive. So I knew I needed an external enclosure. As most external enclosures are cheaper online I still wanted one today to start copying the data today. I was going to get a normal 2.5" enclosure but most of them are not powered and since I know I wanted to make sure the stability during the copying process was under the best conditions I choose to get a powered unit. Best Buy only had a few powered units for sale but I ended up getting a Thermaltake - SATA Hard Drive Docking Station with eSATA and USB Connection -ST0005U for $54.99. Main reason I got this is cause I can later get a internal sata drive pretty cheap and hook this unit up to my HD-DVR box through the eSata port so I can store more tv shows or movies. So the process began as I unwrapped all the hardware and getting it ready to plug it into my mac via the USB connection. I made sure the computer was sitting a flat surface with plenty of ventilation and where it could not get bumped. Once I plugged the unit in my Macbook I got a window popping up do I want to cancel, ignore or goto Disk Utility. At this point I went to Disk Utility and ran through the formatting process of Mac OS Extended Journal. Once this was complete I went online and downloaded SuperDuper! which is a free cloning program for Mac's and I definitely like free after spending $135.00 on the drive and hard-drive dock. Once I installed the program and ran the program. It gives you the option of what drive to copy where. At this point I selected copy all files from original drive to new drive. This is the part that gets very long process. I will depend on how much data you have to copy in how long it will take. I had to transfer about 120gb so It took about 2 and 1/2 hours because I used USB port as my means of transfer. At this point you can either continue to below or run a checksum on the two drives. At this point once every is good. You can dismount the new hard-drive, shutdown your Mac and turn off the your enclosure. I took my MacBook battery out and took out the old hard-drive to install the new one. At this point I put the the battery back in, started the Mac back up, and I was just like where I left off. From here I installed Bootcamp and began the process of creating a 50gb partition for Windows 7. At this point its just like installing Microsoft Windows 7 which is fairly straight forward process.