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  1. Seagate 7200.11 ST31500341AS Barracuda Hard Drive - 1.5TB, 7200RPM, 32MB Cache, SATA-3G (OEM) Limit 1 per customer 69.99 after a 30.00 mail in rebate Here are additional promotions and deals
  2. I ended up purchasing the ds410 on the morning of the 19th. I placed a phone order and paid for next day and still didnt receive it till wed afternoon Different vendor. Not complaining really just curious why it takes 30 hours to process the order as I am aware that other vendors ie newegg ships it out the same day if ordered before noon. Couple things that puzzled me with the unit. It came without a firmware and was unable to configure it diskless. After the drives were put in it really didnt seem too long to setup, unless im slow at cooking dinner. As i was reading others about this unit, they mentioned that it has speeds at ~45. Using what method? I was able to sustain speeds around 40 using CIFS and 9K jumbo frames. sFTP is another thing as it seemed that I was capped at 20. This is not a major issue as this method will be used for the inet, but is it normal to have the cpu utilization at +90% and memory at +25%? I understand that there is additional overhead for secure transport, but at that level? Another thing I noticed is that the 4 HDD lights are constantly flashing. I have not had much time to go through the unit and completely set it up. Overall, I do like the unit. It does seem a bit slow and sluggish for me. I might just be spoiled.
  3. Wasn't sure if to create a new thread, but with the similarities, I figured to post here. I am mainly looking for suggestions also. At first I was in a dilemma of either running a server or go with a nas box. Upon research, it seem that the NAS was able to complement what I was basically looking for. That being said, I am looking for opinions and suggestions on what brand to get. The one that I had originally in mind was the QNAP TS-419P and low and behold I stumbled upon this site and read that you are using a Synology. Checking it out, the DS410 the biggest difference was the $90 span. Is one better than the other? Is the QNAP that much better to constitute a increase of $90? Is there other alternatives (brands/models) that could be suggested? I would like to make a decision relatively soon. Also, looking for a primary drive that is not to expensive and it doesnt really have to be too big. Recommendations?
  4. looks for a NAS and considering a SSD

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    Need some advice on HD's

    Have you looked into virtualizaton? Do you really need all that space on each server? Im guessing these are all towers. If the sales person is acting that way, you should probably try to find another rep or team. I know the last quote I got on a T610 with rackmount rails and 4x 1tb drives was around 2200 after tax and shipping.
  6. Hrm. I'm really close to just purchasing the DS410. Who knows maybe Ill change my mind tomorrow if I wait.
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    SAN forum

    Is it possible to have a poll? I think that it should first cater based on the majority of the members. If enterprise, what segment would have a need and how useful would it be to others? The topic "enterprise class" could fall under storage by function. It would then allow for more than just SAN and NAS, like SAS <-the flow! Granted it would be generalized but having it in its own category might be premature.
  8. What was your decisive factor on getting the 410j opposed to the 410? Just like anything there are pros and cons to it all. From what Ive gathered, the DS410 outperforms the TS-419P in read / write using 9k MTU. I do plan on using jumbo frames and outweighs, to me, the convenience of hot-swap bays. I have been swayed and now leaning towards the 410. Ultimately it would seem that I would be at the max so upgrading, more storage capacity, would entail obtaining another device unless I bite the bullet and get a different one with more than 4 bays. My thing is that I do not like to be at the limit, due to the unknowns and what ifs. I want to be completely ecstatic and not just content with the final decision made. So that would bring up another question. Are they stackable?
  9. Woah... our B-day is almost identical!! Just transpose the date!

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    SAN forum

    I would encourage add more. I am new here and was mainly googling around for NAS and HDD. As mentioned before I happened to stumble upon this site. Enterprise would be a good idea. First, I think the market should be targeted towards personal and soho first.