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  1. Hey all. I figured it out. I decided to shell out big bucks for a netapp system to fulfill my storage needs. will do the job I ask of it. cheers
  2. Hello all, I am in the market for a SAN storage system than can support 32pcs Hitachi 450GB dual port FC (SCA40) HDDs. Must be 4Gbps capable, and in good working condition. Needs to have hardware RAID controller included, and able to connect up to a QLogic or Emulex HBA via LC-LC MM fiber. 110V is best, but can perhaps do with 220V. No need for racks, fiber, etc. Examples of such products are HP MSA, IBM TotalStorage, etc. Quote me a price, with multiple standard or bulk freight shipping. Thanks SAM
  3. I found this firmware on HP's site. Its says its for the HUS154545VL300 HDDs, but in title of page it mentions the 15k450 SAS drives (HUS...VLS400), my drives are HUS154545VLF400, FC. Will the SAS firmware flash work for FC? HP Firmware I still have the issue of the per-drive capacity limit of 300GB to address... Thanks SAM
  4. Bringing up the old thread again... I still have these fiber drives sitting on my shelf and I NEED TO USE THEM!!! or at least test them so I can sell them... OK, so I see the cheapest route is to get the HP enclosures, but I cannot use my Hitachi HDDs with them... Can I flash HP firmware to the Hitachi drives? will they accept something like that? If that is possible, I would need very detailed instructions, as I'm sure the firmware has to match all specs of the hitachi drive (capacity, latency, etc) am I assuming correctly? I am also running into a bit of an issue. My HDDs are 450GB a piece, but many of the storage sub-systems I've been looking at (HP EVA, IBM) only allow maximum per-drive capacity of 300GB. Can anyone suggest a system that can support 450GB FC HDDs? Thanks for the help people, SAM
  5. First, I appologize for bringing up such an old post, but it came up in a Google search! lucky me! I have found a business use for the server and fiber storage, and will be looking at renting some high-speed WAN access business space in town. Like I said before, I'll need 3 enclosures. The HDDs I have are made by Hitachi, so they may not work in the HP EVA enclosure box? However, I'm still confused at the HBA to enclosure connection process. I will only be using one host machine, with a dual port HBA. Is the 2nd port on the HBA only for high availability, or for a speed increase too? Given that I wish to obtain a EVA or MSA RAID controller, how would all connections be made? I understand that enclosures are to be wired in series, correct? So I would go from controller to one enclosure, to the next enclosure, to the last one, then back to the controller? Then one connection (or two?) from controller to HBA? All SFPs and cables will be LC style. If I wanted to eliminate the controller and do host based RAID processing, how would the wiring be different? Again, Thanks for all of the wise advice. SAM
  6. Wow. Very informative post. Thank you very much for sharing. Indeed, these will probably consume more power than I'm willing to pay for given it's ROI. Thanks! SAM
  7. OK, so I came across an opportunity to buy a bunch of fibre channel HDDs (Hitachi), and I'd like to implement them in my home for now. If I get them to work, I may put my HP DL server to use and start web hosting or something. I need to know what y'all suggest as far as how to implement these hard drives. This is what I think I know: I need 3 fibre channel enclosures (14-15 bay) I need a RAID controller I need a way to access the storage What I Have: 32 4Gbps dual port FC HDDs 1 Brocade 825 PCIe dual port 8Gbps HBA HP DL360 G5 server machine What I'm thinking I need: HP EVA fibre channel enclosures? HP EVA fibre channel controller(s)? I see most racks have two of them, do I NEED two? Or is that just for high speed access? (Is EVA (virtual array) even the way to go? the whole "virtual" business kinda worries me - like thats maybe not what I'm looking for...) Is this the best route to go? Can I plug controller(s) directly into HBA w/out the need for a FC hub/switch? Can I just use a JBOD enclosure and let the HBA/OS do the RAID business? Lastly, how would you recommend to implement these? At first, I want to try to store my media on them, using Windows 7 Media Center on client PCs, so Windows CIFS (map network drive) is easiest? What about iSCSI? Is there a reliable/simple iSCSI setup for Windows that will allow multiple PCs to read/write the the target array at the same time? I know of iSCSI Initiator, but I need to use the target across multiple clients (thats the whole idea here). Thanks for reading and any input you may have. SAM