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  1. It's true ? Because I not view anymore any reviews of newer WD drives and think that's due to SSD but may be not ! So clicking noise because head moving each 5sec, performance issue,.. All these issues are wanted by WD ? All of this explain why WD refuse to "reproduce" the bench on their side and want to close the ticket now.
  2. Nings

    WD Black WD4005FZBX

    If it's the same guy who program firmware and benchmark the results it's sure all next WD HDD are ready for trash ! A company who manufacture HDD since so many years...
  3. Nings

    WD Black WD4005FZBX

    It's that their level 3 support ? After reviewing the data provided from IOPing, there seems to be some very high CCTs (>2 seconds). While IOPing can measure CCTs, we don’t use this benchmark as we focus more on more prevalent benchmarks such as PCMark, CDM, HDTune, IOMeter, etc. For PCMark Vantage, the current model is ~5% higher in overall storage score. The subset score for gaming is ~10% higher than the earlier model. IOMeter testing through various queue depths and block sizes from 4K to 128K shows a significant increase in throughput in sequential writes and reads of >90MiB/s. Random Read IO/s increased from ~5-10% throughout the various queue depths as well and Random Writes showed much more than this. With the previously mentioned high CCTs, this could be indicative of either a suspect HDD, Host configuration and/or overhead, or other. In short, all validation testing shows that the current Black model meets or exceeds all design criteria for performance with noticeable improvements over previous generations. Again, we always appreciate seeing the test methodologies and results from end users for comparison to our own, in this instance, we don’t see any issue in HDD capabilities.
  4. Nings

    WD Black WD4005FZBX

    No this drive have absolute no datas, no partitions and not mounted. I not write any datas on a disk with this kind of noise. A HDD is like a clock, the sound should be good before use it :) I have tested this drive and record the noise during a whole sequential read of the drive put on a ESD bag. (the heads shouldn't move at all during sequential read. Heads move track by track slowly and not emit any noise.) When you add a random read access hdd emit exactly the same noise with normal noise of the heads moving due to the random access. Old WD Black like a old WD Red (5400rpm) with a slower access time but work always with one slow access and one more faster all the time. But the new disk have a lot of slow access with access time up to 6sec. It's delay the random read access by 40% about. (old WD ~100 request, new WD only ~60 request completed and after long time ~1000 for old and ~600 for new with the exact same test.) The old WD Black is also more quiet than the new. It's probably not a defect but a firmware issue with a programmed heads movement each X sec with or without disk access. WD_Black.mp3
  5. Nings

    WD Black WD4005FZBX

    Look my other post with the result. Launch a write sequential access with a random read access and you can view quickly the bad result compared with a older WD Black..
  6. Hello, WD reply to my request by that : This being said, as mentioned the noise you hear every 5 seconds is by design to prevent media lube build up due to prolonged dwelling at a single location. Please keep in mind that the noise heard should not affect the performance that we have listed in our specification sheet for this model drive. I understand this is your first drive where you have noticed this, but again I can assure you based on the information provided, this appears to be operation as designed. Performance impact during sequential write (whole disk) and random read access (launched on both drive at the same time) Write speed : WD4001 141Mo/s – WD4005 179Mo/s Latency (random read) : WD4001 max 2sec – WD4005 max 6.11sec (x3 !) Request completed (random read) : WD4001 101replies – WD4005 65replies (35% slower !) WD4005FZBX is a lot more noisy during same operations than the older WD4001FAEX due to the "media lube" always active even during random access I launch the same test on a WD Red 5400rpm and same result than the WD Black 2012 with constant result one faster access for one slower but always faster than the 6sec of the new WD Black. Good luck with these "new" drive.
  7. Hello, WD force a new thing on newer drive Black and Gold line for sure but may be other hdd line. The head move each 5sec even during sequential read/write. Reply from WD support : "the noise you hear every 5 seconds is by design to prevent media lube build up due to prolonged dwelling at a single location" Idle or squential read, you can hear a noise of the head moving trough the whole drive and return to his position. Someone found a way for stop that or you just stop buying WD drive ? I'm almost sure that's just kill your drive quickly and cut the performance(latency) by lost the reading/writing track. Thank you