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  1. Sqeezebox devices have a pretty good rep as far as I know. I'm having a little trouble figure out, does it control your stereo like some kind of remote , or does the music actually come of this device. It seems to be a mixture of both to me, but I'm not quite sure. I like that it supports flac and ogg, and has support for linux. It would integrate into my system pretty well I'd imagine.
  2. jraab

    50 Channel DVR

    Once ESPN actually gets up to having the ocho I'm in for one. Can't miss a second of dodgeball action
  3. In your first example are you using all 7 drives to duplicate the same data. Otherwise I'm confused how that would work. In a RAID5 you can lose one drive, and still maintain all the data, but lose two and you lose all (if I understand this correctly). I haven't played with WHS at all, so I may just be confused. I was under the impression that WHS was set up as just a bunch of drives with the storage pooled, and data duplicated to other drives if wanted. Similar to how LVM is set up on a linux box.
  4. I just saw this and came to post it, beat me to it. Tempting deal.
  5. jraab

    Petagron micro-HTPC

    I think performance wise this will be pretty simliar to the boxee box. The difference may lie in the boxee already coming all set up and configured. I think I saw speculation this might be 100 dollars, thats a pretty appealing price point for something like this. I'm also pretty excited to see what the boxee box and other similiar devices look like.
  6. I have not run into that sort of problem. I tend to name files without spaces since I'm used to linux. But I'm sure some of the files I've backed up on my windows boxes have spaces. I use both Crashplan and Dropbox, and both seem to handle that situation fine.
  7. I tend to like more DIY solutions to these. Things like the lowest power server you can get. An article about using such a device to automate as much of your digital life as possible (like automating backups, maybe downloading tv shows, or running a media server backend). Some of these are kind of broad in scope, but I tend to be interested in storage servers from the standpoint as the backend of your digital life. Which I think for a lot of us keeps expanding. How best to set up these devices, what options there are, and how to make this work easily would be a very interesting topic to have covered well.
  8. jraab

    Home Server advice

    Is there a major advantage to going with a cheap RAID card like those ebay ones, rather than running software RAID solutions. I've always been under the impression that software (not BIOS) RAID was at least equal to those cheaper cards, and on a modern system wouldn't cause much of a performance hit for running it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong on this though. I have been running a small server (2.25 TB in RAID5 ) for about the last 1.5 years and I've tested the array and rebuilt without data loss, so for my purposes it seems to work. Also smart move planning for a 10TB server. With a decent size video collection you'll need close to that, especially if you are storing Bluray or some other Hirez format. I know I'm already up against my 2.25 TB and I'm only a bit through DVD collection.
  9. I haven't done any benchmarking with it, since its in the HTPC and all. Boot times are so speedy though, and there is not even a consideration of lag when I navigate around Boxee or XBMC. I've been so impressed I've been awfully tempted when I keep seeing it go on sale with 40 dollar rebates to pick up one for the laptop and one for the desktop.
  10. I'm using Crashplan. I can back up any computer I own, regardless of where it is located (i.e. kids at college or computers in another home etc) for 100 dollars a year for unlimited space. Be aware that with a lot of data to backup it can take a couple of weeks to get it all backed up online somewhere. Their storage facility is supposedly underground in Minnesota I think. There are a number of similiar services that are around the same price. This is a pretty good article summing up a few of the more popular options, and some others are in the comments.
  11. jraab

    Online Storage Security

    I imagine if you are worried about security you could encrypt the files prior to uploading. I believe under Linux you can encrypt your whole home drive pretty easily. That might be one solution.
  12. Everything I hear about WHS says its super easy to use. But I think something like this really depends on what all you want to use it for. WHS will be easy, but I'd imagine it will give up flexibility. My server runs the backend of my HTPC, serves my media around my house, and for a while was also my backup to my main computers. I've since switched my backup to an offsite solution because my server is too small to hold media and my 3 other computers backup. How much can windows home server do. How cost effective is the Synology compared to slapping together your own PC with a stack of drives and something like Freenas.
  13. jraab

    SSD as boot drive

    I haven't tested many of these, but I have a 30gb OCZ Vertex in my HTPC as the OS drive and it boots and runs extremely fast.
  14. I'm just jealous you have 4 ssd laying around to do this with.