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  1. Comments like '...spanning or striping seems really cool...' and questioning whether to span/stripe makes it seem like this is all above your pay grade, and an experienced IT admin should be setting this up for you. Or someone decided to waste $40k on a high-availability server when something less than half the price would have been more than sufficient.
  2. SpecialK90

    3ware 9560 not recognizing sizes correctly

    Check that the auto-carve is NOT checked. Also, make sure the firmware and drivers are updated. If you are using Vista or XP, there could be issues with older firmware. Lastly, from experience, I know that you must reboot after setting up a new +2TB array for windows to show it properly and so windows can format the entire array of data. This little fact caused me hours of headaches with my 9650 and 8 1TB drives last year. Just a WARNING, you better have a good UPS because raid controllers, 3ware in particular, hate losing power. I had 900GB of data suddenly lost several years ago with my 9650 due to corrupted partition data which happened because of a brown out. Now I have a $600 dual-battery APC UPS.
  3. Why does this problem seem to only affect Areca? I thought that they were one of the best and I am worried about my 1680ix.
  4. SpecialK90

    Incorrect Spindle Speed Reported

    I just logged into our broadcast playout server which also has a 3ware 9650SE-8 but with ES.2 drives and even one of the 1TB ES.2 drives reports the same 65335rpm. I must say that I really like the 3ware web interface versus Areca's and LSI's (at least for the 1068E). With the merge of 3ware into LSI, has the 3ware interface gone by-by with the 9750 cards?
  5. What is the 'Scrubber' and is it related to the Samsung drives or 3ware? I ask because I also have a 3ware 9650SE and have been having a few odd issues lately.
  6. SpecialK90

    6TB RAID 0 (dual 3TB drives)

    You didn't mention how many drives were already installed in each PC. I am assuming that you only one or two since 2 drive bays are still open. So, you should also have several free Sata ports on the Intel motherboard which uses the Intel ICH (most likely 10R) and I would use that way before the 1068E. In my HP Z800, it has the 1068E in addition to the Intel ICH10R. I tried a 4-drive Raid 10 and then Raid 0 and the write speeds were always horrible on the LSI. I was using it for media cache from video editing as well as for encoding video so I didn't notice the slow write speed for some time. Now, I have the drives connected to the Intel raid in addition to an Areca 1680ix with 6 2TB Constellation ES drives in R5. Unless you have excellent airflow in the case, I would suggest another 2TB drive due to how hot these Hitachis get. I have several of them as backup drives because they were so cheap but they got way too hot for comfort so I now use Seagate LP drives. I am curious to know why you need 6TB of cache?
  7. I have a 3ware 9650SE-8 with 8 1TB 7200.12 drives in R5 and in the smart data, one drive reports as 65335 rpm and one or two others report as 4500rpm or 10000rpm. None of these drives have had any reported issues. I just noticed this when another drive had numerous sector problems and then died last night. Should I worry about this incorrect spindle speed report? If so, is it due to the drives or a failing 3ware card or something else? And how do I read the hex values from the 3ware info? Thanks
  8. SpecialK90

    Samsung F2 reliability :(

    32 drives is WAYYYY too small of a sample size to blatantly declare them unreliable. Maybe look into another supplier. I can understand your frustration with F2 drives. I had 4 150GB Raptors all die within 24-30 months and all were purchased at different times from multiple vendors. However, WD's replacement program upgraded all 4 to the newer V-Raptor so I am actually content, but I won't buy any more V-Raptors ever again. I have over 30 Seagate drives including 14 1TB 7200.12, 3 500GB 7200.11, 6 2TB LP 5900rpm, 6 2TB Constellation ES and a few older 7200.10 drives. Not a SINGLE drive has died over the last 4 years due to wear and tear. Only 2 Seagate drives died because I dropped one and threw the other a few feet. My mantra is stick with what works for you.
  9. SpecialK90

    fastest sas drives 6gb.s 15k 2010

    I agree - you can't beat SSDs for speed, power efficiency, noise/lack thereof, reliability and durability.
  10. I am racking my brain trying to come up with a good solution for a centralized file system while costing $2-3k without drives. I currently have an 8 bay external SAS desktop case with 2TB Seagate Constellation ES drives with all assets, and a 4 bay external SAS desktop case with 1TB 7200.12s in R10 for encoded video attached to my HP Z800. The 8 bay is attached to an Areca 1680ix-8 and the 4 bay is attached to the onboard SAS (LSI 1068E). I am adding 2 more workstations (HP Z400 & HP Z600), so, I need to move away from DAS to either iSCSI or Fibre Channel, and I prefer to have more than the 150MB/s that a bonded 2port 1Gb can provide. I only need an 8 bay 2-4U rack server. Here are my thoughts and concerns so far: -Would a 4port 1Gb card with all 4ports bonded substantially increase the throughput over the bonded 2 ports? -The Z400 is 100-200ft away from the server room in an office 3 floors above. However, this PC does not need anything more than 1-2 Gb ports. Cat6 is already run from the switch in the server room for internet and appears to be working fine, but is that length of cable better suited to LC? -Only my Z800 needs max throughput so I was thinking of maybe a direct connection between the server and Z800 using 10Gb, 8Gb FC or 4 1Gb ports bonded. -All of the iSCSI servers use ext3, ZFS and other file systems rather than NTFS. So, how do the PCs (all Win 7 Pro x64) read and write to the iSCSI server? -For custom building the server, I found Open-E for the OS. Is this OS good or bad and is there anything I should be worried about? -For turnkey, the Thecus N8800+ looks almost perfect as it holds 8 drives and includes a PCIe x8 for adding a 10Gb or 4 port 1Gb NIC. However, everyone seems to hate their tech support. -I think that I read somewhere about an iSCSI server capable of allowing only 1 user to access an individual file at a time - this is something I want in order to prevent 2 people opening the same Premiere project file or Photoshop document. Any and all comments are appreciated.
  11. SpecialK90

    RAID for uncompressed HD video editing.

    Brian, why would you use WD Blacks in R0 with their TLER problem? Also, some fellow video editors have had problems with WD Blacks due to its firmware and spinning down, which caused issues when editing video due to the drives spinning down all the time. For the size of projects, if you can afford RE4's than I would rather use 2 600GB V-Raptors. But for a limited budget, I would use Samsung F3's as they have the highest throughput. Furthermore, I think a major problem can arise from just using 2 drives in Raid 0. Aren't there times when you use more than one layer of video, which means you need a minimum of 250 MB/s read for 8bit and 300-330MB/s for 10bit. Thus, you would need at least 3 drives and nothing smaller than 1TB drives because each drive's throughput decreases as it fills up. I think the Samsung F3 1TB begins at 150MB/s and ends around 70MB/s. Btw, do you use uncompressed AVI, Cineon or DPX and what software do you use? I use Premiere Pro and After Effects CS5, and I find DPX to work much better/smoother than AVI, especially in AE. I became aware of compositing with DPX when I first started using Nuke, and the reasoning is that the software does not need to decode any frames before or after the currently viewed frame unlike AVI. And at least in my experience, DPX does appear to be smoother especially when scrubbing.
  12. I am trying to decide between these 2 controllers and I am having a hard time for a few reasons. It will be for my home PC and serve two purposes: a) provide off-site backup of my work data (I am a videographer/editor) and allow me to work from home when needed. My work PC (HP Z800) has an Areca 1680ix with 6 2TB Constellation ES in Raid 5 and my home PC has a 3ware 9650SE-8ML with numerous drives for my personal data. So far, both raid controllers have been rock solid but I greatly prefer the 3ware interface, and I am appalled at Areca's website and how much of a PITA it is to find and download the correct drivers & software. With that said, I am leaning towards the Areca just so I have added security in case the 'work' 1680ix dies - I can easily remove the new one from my home PC and get my work PC up and running the same day. I plan on using either 12 1TB 7200.12s (have 8 already) in Raid 30 (Areca) or 50 (3ware) or 6 2TB Barracuda XTs in Raid 5. Comments anyone? Thanks
  13. SpecialK90

    HP Hard drives? Specs?

    I recently purchased a Z800 and it came with a 160GB Seagate 7200.12 ST3160318AS. I NEVER upgrade through HP or Dell as their prices are friggin ridiculous. The Dell salesman I use is a nice guy and has given me great deals even when I didn't request a discount but he tried telling me that a $550 1TB drive for their servers/workstations are so expensive 'probably' due to the hot-swap tray. Did some HP salesperson try telling you that an 'HP' hard drive must be in the PC for the warranty to be covered or did you read it somewhere because this doesn't sound legal. My HP salesman asked if I wanted to upgrade or add any drives and I told him that I wasn't going to use the 160GB drive that came with it, and he just said 'ok'. However, I am using it as my 'testing' drive, and I have an Intel X25 80GB as my 'work' drive where there is the absolute bare minimum software for video editing. The nice thing about buying an OEM PC is being able to install Windows (7 Pro x64 in my case) on as many drives (within the PC) as I want. Btw, I have 6 2TB Seagate Constellation ES Sata drives for my Z800 connected to an Areca 1680ix in Raid 5. I also added ram myself (Kingston - 24GB, 1333MHz, Reg/ECC) from Provantage and removed the 2 1GB sticks that came with it - this is another thing I told the HP salesman during the order, and he did not argue. Almost forgot, have you requested a quote yet? If so, how much $$$ did they discount it? When I was looking to order back in April, I requested a quote through HP's website and a few days later, I received an email with a 25% discount. So, it went from the online price of $6000 to $4500.
  14. Is the problem happening when trying to playback in real-time from the timeline or are you rendering a section of the timeline and then playing?
  15. SpecialK90

    So I bought the new 3TB GoFlex Desk...

    I can't tell for certain but is this a single 3TB drive or 2 1.5TB drives together? Thanks