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  1. I just got a new computer and while it has a DVD program, it's not as good as the one I had before. On it I could fast forward and watch the fast forwarding whereas on this one, it's a bar and I can move it but not see what I'm going over. I could capture prints on the old one and not the new. So, is it possible to have two different programs that will play DVDs and use the one I want? Or is the program tied into the brand of DVD player that is built in?
  2. Online storage isn't always that great. I have some but unless the names of my files match their coding, they won't upload. For example, one online storage site only lets me do files that have no spaces in them, like "onetwothree.jpg" so if my name is "one two three.jpg" it won't take it. I've found this to be very annoying.
  3. This has really been educational to read. I actually have a couple of old hard drives, out of the computer, that I just keep holding on to because I don't want someone to pick it up and get what is on it. Now this gives me something to look into so that I can get rid of them. Thanks.
  4. I've had a heck of a time with CD burning using Nero on my old system. Some CDs burn fine and others don't, and I really don't understand why. They are the same brand, just purchased in some different packaging. It doesn't make any sense to me.
  5. This is a fascinating question and I'm going to be watching this for a response because I don't know for myself. I'm doubtful, though, or I'd think that would be listed all over the internet, and I've always understood that it's pretty darn hard to really delete anything.
  6. Flashmatic

    Zip drive?

    Yeah I forgot about the cost. I remember spending $60 for 6 I think; it might even have been higher. They were the rage for a while. I've also had better luck with them this weekend with music transfers. The CDs aren't working very well.
  7. Flashmatic

    USB vs External Hard Drive

    Thanks to everyone for the responses. I think I will make use of the external hard drive for regular backups and then use the flash drive as a secondary backup just for the most current important files that are updated daily.
  8. Flashmatic

    hard drive freezing

    Myth? I don't know about that because I've had professionals suggest that to me when I had a severe hard drive crash 3 years ago. If the pros are recommending it, I'm not sure it can be called a myth.
  9. I have just joined the modern world of computing. I saw that because I've been using an old computer with Win 98. As soon as I set up the new one, I'll be up to Win7. Now, a have an external hard drive someone gave me and I have a flash drive someone gave me. Which is better for backing up important files and documents, or would you use both?
  10. Flashmatic

    Zip drive?

    I love zip drives. I am a big believer in them and I used them for many years. My last computer had a built in zip drive and I have two portable units. They worked beautifully. I have just bought a new computer and I actually purchased an adapter so I could still make use of the zip drives. In ways, I feel safer with it than with CD burning, and it's been quicker for me, too.