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  1. I began losing interest once I got to the point where all three HDDs I own aren't in the reliability database. I understand the earlier policy of not adding drives until they got reviewed, but given how infrequently reviews happen these days, maybe it should be changed?
  2. Eugene, will you be adding the WD360ADFD and WD740ADFD drives to the reliability database since they're a part of this family or are you going to review them first?
  3. RyanVM

    Raptor 740GD-00NLR1

    So do the WD360ADFD and WD740ADFD really need to be reviewed by SR before they'll be added to the reliability database or can they be included with the WD1500ADFD? I've got a WD740ADFD and would love to add it in
  4. Say you enter data in cell A2. In the other cell you want, set the formula to "=A2"
  5. RyanVM


    I just bought a WD1200JB-00CRA1 that was manufactured in Thailand on May 8, 2003. The Tom's method (date and # of sectors) suggests it's 60GB/platter, but the serial suggests 40GB/platter. I'll run a diagnostic tool on it later and figure it out. My hope is that it's 60GB/platter