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    Two DVD programs?

    You can use as many DVD players or programs as you want to. You can download them from the internet and many of them have free versions. Windows Media Player 11 is good to use for watching movies. I'm currently using BSPlayer and I like it because it can play almost any kind of movie format that other players cannot run. Winamp and DivX players are the other players that I have in my computer if the others failed to run the DVD.
  2. So you mean that HTPC will write on the hard disk? If we are copying movies into the hard disk, will you consider that as HTPC or workstation? I don't know if my next question is related here. Why is it that it takes longer for me to copy 2 large files (like movies) at the same time rather than copying one file then proceed on the second after the first was done?
  3. Thanks discjet for the explanation. Do you have any idea why using the max speed of the DVD will likely to fail? I did try to use only half of the 16x DVD and it works in the stand alone player. Does this mean that the player can read in lower speed rate? Flashmatic, what kind of speed are you using? The same brands can have different quality depending of the speed you are using.
  4. Alec

    DVD burning issues

    If the new DVD's can be burned with other DVD writers then your DVD writer has the problem. You can also try lowering the speed of the burning process. What is the max speed of the DVD's you are using?
  5. I have tried burning my video on DVD's with speeds 4x, 8x, and 16x. The 4x and 8x DVD's can be played on our Phillips DVD player. But I can't watch the video when I try the copy on the 16x DVD. Where do you think the problem lies, is it on the DVD or on my player?
  6. Congrats and good job to the team. This will really help me choose the best storage medium to use. I'm currently running out of space with my current 1TB hard drive and I need to buy a new 2TB so that I will have more space to work on. I check the link about the benchmarks. I never knew that hard disks perform differently with gaming, viewing movies, and using the computer for work. About the workstation, what programs are you going to use for the testing of the hard disk's performance?
  7. Alec

    hard drive freezing

    I don't think its a myth if others have been successful with recovering their data by freezing the hard drive. There is no 100% assurance that the hard disk will work after it has been frozen but it has work on other people so I think this can be done. A friend of mine did this and he got the files that he needed.
  8. For important documents, I suggest that you use a CD or a DVD if there are many. Flash drives and external hard drives tend to have corrupt files when doing a backup. I'm not saying that a CD or a DVD won't have problems but at least you have a copy that won't be deleted or edited, unless it is a re-writable type of disk.
  9. Thanks Mickey for telling me the name but it didn't ring my memory, I think it was called something else. But still, it was in the DOS days and the space will be doubled. Continuum, it is not the files that I had compressed but the drive or partition itself, just like what Mkruer explained. This drive or partition will only be good for storage because we cannot run any programs in this compressed drive. I think this is good for backups that eat up a lot of space. Brian, I think you are right with the performance problem. My hard disk slowed down when I compressed that partition.
  10. I'm uncertain about the term of this procedure but it is about compressing the drive to create more space. I've done this is the days of Windows 95. I will be grateful to the person who will remind of me the term for this. Do we still need to do this with the current spaces of hard disks? What programs can we use to do make this happen?