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    Yet another "first time RAID questions" post

    For #1, generally RAID controllers will detect SMART errors and report back. If its a bad enough error it might drop it out of the RAID or at least give you some warning. I'll cross check that though to make sure. Writing caching can never hurt, unless you have a power failure and you dont have a BBU or a UPS. Its acting as additional cache in front of the drive, so even a RAID0 of one drive would benefit. We haven't seen that topic come up yet, and there are many enterprise projects using consumer-class SSDs in RAID that work fine. Which SSDs were you planning on using? That RAID card is probably your best bet... dead reliable and able to perform at levels higher than you'd probably want to throw SSDs at.
  2. TSullivan

    OCZ Everest 2 Performance Preview Discussion

    Not necessarily, if you look at the Octane the performance kind of hit its top end early on but it stayed flat throughout the higher queues. If the Everest 2 is able to push higher speeds right off the line it would be way more beneficial to end users who would feel more impact from that versus guys who might load the drive down in a heavy multithreaded environment. That and from what we have seen so far the Everest 2 is well above the Sandforce controllers in both read and write speed as is with incompressible data. Scaling well or not at higher queues it is still pushing higher speeds.
  3. Seagate has announced their second generation solid state hybrid drive (SSHD), the Momentus XT 750GB with FAST Factor. The new Momentus XT adds 250GB of total capacity over the first-generation XT as well as double the cache NAND, going from 4GB to 8GB of SLC NAND. Seagate is perhaps most enthusiastic though about what they're calling FAST Factor technology; a series of on-board software enhancements that give the new Momentus XT an extra performance kick. These new SSHDs boast fast speeds in single drive configuration, which gets really interesting when you pair two in RAID0 as we'll show in this review. Read Full Review
  4. TSullivan

    Gheto DFT?

    Outside of using something like spinrite on the drive to force hundreds of attempts, each drive uses their own unique way of handling bad sectors. Heck I still have some in the pending category on this 3TB HD that has been sitting in my NAS with over 5000 hours on it without any luck.
  5. I'll try to reclone the OS back tomorrow and get the PCMark7 stats using the mSATA alone. And yea benchmarking caching solutions does present an interesting problem since you are effectively benchmarking "hot data"... the more you run the test the more the data gets burned in. In the real world each user's experience will vary depending on use and applications.
  6. One suggestion might be watching the performance monitor while the benchmark is running. If the application is using all the bandwidth then great, but if another thing comes up and takes over for a bit that is your culprit.
  7. The easiest and safest way would be using a tool such as this: http://eshop.macsale...ology/TOOLIPOD/ That will let you slide around the perimeter, popping all of the plastic clips without marring the glossy black surface. Step one is popping off the serial number sticker, step two is sliding in one of those tools to the case half edge and sliding it all around carefully.
  8. TSullivan

    BSOD - Is it my SSD?

    Acronis works wonders for us.
  9. TSullivan

    BSOD - Is it my SSD?

    If you clone to a hard drive, everything should carry over fine. All of those SSD related changes would be automatically adjusted for. Have you updated the firmware on this particular drive yet?
  10. TSullivan

    OCZ Synapse Cache SSD Review Discussion

    It is probably a limitation set by this packaged solution. In the environments this products would go you would be looking at two drives total (SSD + HDD)
  11. Doh! You are completely right on that error. We just fixed that and will reword appropriately.
  12. We can check this over Friday and let you know what controller it has inside. Any way from software to verify what model controller is inside? Does Dmesg dump that?
  13. TSullivan

    OCZ Synapse Cache SSD Review Discussion

    Correct, it will only do one drive and it must be boot.
  14. Appears to be, just rescanned the PR sheet and found this "Furthermore, M3S SSDs uses the latest SATA 6Gb/s (SATA III) interface, Marvell’s server-grade controller, and Toshiba 24nm NAND flash"