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  1. In the days of DOS, there was Stacker. great when it worked, but still the reason that I CRINGE when I think of that type of data compression and would NEVER recommend it. Deja vu all over again with SSD's. STAY AWAY!
  2. Cape Dave

    It does a man good to see SSD reviews

    Hey Les, yes, good to see you too. Were you here "back in the day" too? Man, this was one cool place, and I am sure it will be again. Dave
  3. Cape Dave

    It does a man good to see SSD reviews

    I have somehow managed to mess up or lose 2 or 3 accounts here over the years, and I cannot remember my user names. Cape Consultant maybe, not sure what else. No worries, I have never been a post counter While I wait for my SSD, I am enjoying my WD Black 1TB for sure. A real nice drive. Dave
  4. All in all, great to see life taking place here again. And I welcome WD to the SSD market. Not a very forgiving place to be lately, with all the new drives coming out and prices n0ot coming down the way they should. Tom's did a GREAT 40 - photo essay of a hard drive factory at WD a week or so back. Man, it was as I suspected, NOT EASY OR CHEAP to make a spinner. Damn, that was some serious machinery. Blew me away. I always figured it would be SO much cheaper to make an SSD. But I guess at least with the initial R and D it is not. Welcome back SR! Dave
  5. On this most venerable of review sites. Finally, some signs of life. Man, I wish I had bought it I am practically an original member and saw this site rise to amazing heights and the experienced the fall from grace as well. And now finally a place to go for objective and CURRENT SSD info. I am delighted. I did not know where to post this so I'll just say, Welcome Back Storage Review! Dave