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  1. Thanks for the reply, nice to see that I will be able to saturate a pair of GigE lan about the motherboard I think to go with the P6T6-WS-Revolution so if and when I will need a second array I can go simply add a second controller (my case coan host 10 ard disk using additional backplane). ECC memory if I right understand make a parity check so I'm bit more secure that data aren't corrupted by bad memories modules? Regards Ugo
  2. Hi, I'm building a similar server as in this thread with 5 2TB hard disk in raid 6 and an adaptec 5805. It will "play" with files of 12GB each. I have three question 1- Which performance I can aspect? Will be possible to get advantage of a link aggregation lan link? (supposing that on client side will be a raid 0 configuration?) 2- which are the time that I will need to rebuild this kind of array? 3- a little of topic question is better to use ECC memories? Regards Ugo