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  1. Online storage sounds like a pretty good back up. It's weird to think all your files are floating around in space somehwere... kinda. I guess the biggest plus is I can then access my data from home and work without carrying around a big ol drive.
  2. MJparker

    hard drive freezing

    $500 doesn't seem that bad. I'm in Australia so there aren't too many places around, I could always send my drives away to get repaired... Although I would rather send it to Japan or something if I was going to send it overseas!
  3. I can't wait to tell the photography nerd at work. He'll be waiting outside the store tomorrow morning. He was flashing around his 32GB SD Card last year... no one cared then... Just imagine how long it would take to upload all those photos/videos! Too long.
  4. Hi, I haven't heard of online storage before just now- is that like uploading all your files to a site and paying them to store them? At the moment I have 2TB full and I keep having problems with them failing. Ultimately, I would prefer two methods of back-up but dvds can be so tedious.
  5. MJparker

    Samsung Internal HDD fried

    Thanks everyone! If I take it to the Data recovery place they're gonna charge me $400 just to open it up and confirm they can/can't fix it so.... I've decided to take my chances as a backyard computer engineer and do it my self. I'm looking at some on eBay right now so it should end up quite cheap if it is successful- otherwise a waste of $50 and my time. I'll let you know how I go! Wish me LUCK!
  6. MJparker

    Samsung Internal HDD fried

    Thanks again, you're my problem solver today. It's kinda an old drive as well, does it have to be exactly the same?
  7. MJparker

    Not recognising WD 1TB MyBook

    Thanks! They are exactly the same so I'll try it. Fingers crossed- I might actually end up with two stuffed drives!
  8. MJparker

    hard drive freezing

    Please let me know how you go. I have a busted drive and I don't wanna pay $2k for data recovery!
  9. MJparker

    Not recognising WD 1TB MyBook

    Yeh, I tried another computer/port but it's still no go. It still powers up (via it's own power supply. I have it connected to my WD Media Centre as wll- it's not recognising it either.
  10. MJparker

    Samsung Internal HDD fried

    I don't care about the crappy old drive- it's the stuff thats on it! 4 years of photos and artwork- GONE. I have soem bits and pieces from discs etc. but I have lost a lot of stuff that I can't get back.... I'm trying to work out whether that my photos and artwork are worth $2000.
  11. MJparker

    most reliable hard drive?

    Everyone seems to be saying Western Digital but I have two WD 1TB MyBooks and I have had problems with both. One is just over 2 years old (and my computer can't recognise it) and the other is 1 year old. The newer one lost all its data and with the back up software I only got back about 80% of my stuff.
  12. should not be allowed near computers!

  13. I have fried my HDD- literally. I plugged my Samsung internal HDD into my new fancy computer and I could actually smell burning. I tried to restart the computer but as long as it was plugged in it wouldn't start up. I got a quote from a local University that repairs fried HDD but for $2000 I thought it might be worth trying to fix it myself. Is this a lost cause?
  14. I have two WD 1TB MyBook ext hard drives and one of them has stopped working. It turns on but my computer doesn't recognise it. I recently upgraded my PC to one with eSata (my HD is not) but my other HD still works. I'm worried I'm gonna lose everything from my other HD. Has anyone else had this problem?