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  1. I have two 500GB WD5000AAKS from 2007/2008. one recently started to fail. maybe because I put down a keyboard on top of the case a bit too hard. nothing dramatic, just fell a couple of centimeters. might have just put it over the edge as the failure was immediately after and clear cut. failure is graceful though. can't really write to it but have been able to read about 200GB although now reduced to 4MB/s or even less. the other disc is operating nominally still. it was a data disc that have been on 16 hours a day but have seen very light personal use duty. it is hard mounted in 3.5" case slot. the other is mounted with rubber bushings although not sure it is substantially different
  2. WD Caviar 500GB WD5000AAKS SATAII 16MB from 2007 bought 2, one recently started failing. possibly because I put down a keyboard on top of the case, slight strike, might just have put it over the edge if it was reading at the time. graceful failure, wont really write to the disk anymore but I have been able to read out couple of hundred GBs sofar although the speed is reduced to 4MB/s and sometimes less. beats walking home. the failing disc was bought maybe 2008. the first disc is still working. they have been in continuous very light duty operation more or less 16 hours a day