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  1. I've used only 32-bit OSes most of my life up until recently when I was finally able to afford a 64-bit capable PC (proudly running Windows 7 Ultimate). I actually plan on dual-booting with Linux as well and am in the process of selecting a good 64-bit distro. So, any other 64-bit users out there? From what I've seen in the forum so far, I predict there will be a lot of "Yes." answers in the poll.
  2. I know these are rather ancient by now but unfortunately, I never got a chance to use them back in the day so I was left curious for years. I'm wondering if any of you on here have ever used one, if so, would you mind sharing your experiences with them? From my understanding, they were the more beefed up versions of floppy disks but not nearly as efficient as CDs.
  3. FDrive33

    Ziddu and Rapidshare

    Another good one similar to Senduit is YouSendIt.com which has some good security options for when you're sharing some more confidential data although to be on the safe side I'd password protect the file via WinRAR before sending it to make it even more secure as if someone gained access to the download, they wouldn't be able to see the data unless they had the hard-coded password as well. As for Rapidshare, I've used it as both an uploader and downloader in the past for distributing small files like presentations etc. among family and friends which was a good experience overall except that it was kind of annoying for the downloader to wait a few extra seconds and at one point, they had some horrible captcha implementation which did more harm than good that was luckily revoked.
  4. That is impressive, I've only messed with low-end hardware so can only imagine how awesome that must have been. Also, out of curiosity, how much does that notebook retail for? As for the pricing, like with most innovations, as time progresses prices drop but I'm not really sure of a particular time-frame. My guess is that by the time the next Windows is released a majority of the affordable medium-end laptops will definitely support RAID.
  5. FDrive33

    Still need external HDD's?

    I'd definitely hold on to it as it could prove useful when one of your friends or relatives need to backup their HDD and you don't want to lease out your main storage (for obvious reasons). It should have more than enough storage for the average Joe's computer. As someone else pointed out, could come in handy for personal use as well in the unfortunate event that your newer drives fail.
  6. It's amazing the progress that SD cards have made although I'm kind of surprised that Toshiba didn't release this before them as I remember hearing about them releasing their 64GB cards sometime this year. If I remember the specifications correctly, Toshiba claimed theirs would have up to 35MB/s write speed making it superior assuming their final product still follows such specifications. Not sure about the pricing though.
  7. FDrive33

    Samsung Internal HDD fried

    I'm not too keen on actually repairing the drive but as far as the data recovery fees go, how big is your HDD as $2000 does sound rather over excessive since from my understanding about $1000 is typically the maximum fee for drives that are 500GB or less. I'd definitely get some more quotes from other repair shops before taking that route if you decide to do so.
  8. Those are actually pretty cool, too bad I'm not much of a Star Wars geek otherwise I might have snagged one although I'll bookmark this for when one of my SW buddies has a birthday or something and I need to get them something appropriate. I'll probably buy a Mario themed one for myself eventually though, if I can remember what website sells them that is as it wasn't a licensed product if I remember correctly.
  9. I remember this storage type being a lot more popular in the late 90s and early 2000s but nowadays it seems that every device that formerly used to support this, now supports SD cards which are much smaller and convenient. I personally don't know of anyone who uses these CF cards on a daily basis anymore, it seems they've all moved onto SD. Anyone else care to share their input?
  10. FDrive33

    Is Defragment Still Needed?

    I'm pretty sure Windows XP had schedule defrag as well, as for the built-in defrag vs. 3rd party ones, that's an interesting theory. I personally haven't seen anyone using anything outside the built-in option but it wouldn't shock me either to discover that a 3rd party program would be better, are there any benchmark tools to test this theory? I imagine you'd have to probably clone the original data and reinstate it to get some accurate results though so it might be rather tedious.
  11. That's both cool and resourceful. I actually just finished reading the instructions and it definitely seems to be a lot easier than what I thought. I might take up this project just for fun in my spare time and to those of you who need a USB DVD drive but aren't daring enough to take up this project, remember that you can buy a pre-built one instead just don't expect it to be as cheap...
  12. From my experience, if you're really concerned about reliability I'd recommend having a backup of that external HDD on another form of media, either several discs or another HDD for maximum reliability as unfortunately there are things beyond your control that can go wrong. It's definitely a good idea to read reviews before making a purchase though as there are some HDDs with horrible enclosures but without that extra step I mentioned, your data won't be as secure regardless of the quality of the drive.
  13. That sounds quite impressive! Also, for those of you who don't know, that university is located in Toyko which doesn't really surprise me at all as something like this would be expected to be coming from there. I wonder by what % the price will decrease though.
  14. FDrive33

    Free Online Storage

    From the backup services mentioned, I can vouch for both DropBox and Google Docs. They're both excellent for personal use and school work especially DropBox as you can share certain files with classmates with ease. I've used shared folders when working on team projects before and they worked out well, we've shared notes as well like that.
  15. FDrive33

    How to detect HDD

    If you're referring to a second HDD that you've installed, make sure it's set to slave and that the drivers are updated if necessary, just go to the device manager and follow the instructions that others have mentioned.