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    How to Optimize SSDs for Windows 7

    This is even more important if a Windows operating system has been installed on the Solid State Drive. (It is basically the same deal for Linux users who should think about moving all write intensive tasks to other drives)
  2. chrisssteeven

    Seagate 7200.10

    i have been using this rules to make this new. i have new 300 G.B harddrive. i wanna put that pics here in soon when i got that catched. just find thet. have a good day.
  3. chrisssteeven

    How to detect HDD

    Here is a better idea... Go to Settings -> Control Panel -> System Once the window appears, click on Hardware tab and then Device Manager button. Another window should then appear. Highlight the computer name and click on "Action" in menu list. In that list, select "Scan for Hardware Changes". That will detect all hardware on the computer system. Hope this helps!!!