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  1. There has always been the constant debate about which is better but I am still at a lose after all these years. I use what I need not what other people tell me as I seem to come across mixed reviews. What is everyone here using and why? I go for price vs. what it will do for me, not just the branded name on the side.
  2. coleno

    Protecting flash disks

    What about something slightly simple like, putting a password on it for starters and not leaving it all over the place. My work office is really bad for leaving flash drives around, and then they wonder why we end up purchasing in bulk to replace them.
  3. coleno

    most reliable hard drive?

    Seagate's? Recently? Honestly, I can not think of the last time (if ever) I heard anything good about them, its actually one brand I will not touch with a ten foot pole.
  4. coleno

    AMD vs. Intel

    How much memory do you have right now and what games are you running? I would imagine depending on the resources needed for the game, it will matter but I am trying to get a middle ground. Mostly I am sticking with WOW, FPS's (even though I have moved some to the PS3) and thats about it, other than the occasional AION or Counter Strike (when I need to go smack a friend of mine around).
  5. coleno

    Protecting flash disks

    A friend of mine does nothing without everything being encrypted first. He is one that is security aware but at the same time highly paranoid. I have looked at True Crypt before along with many others but right now I still need to find something that works for everything or at least works simple enough that I can deal with it.
  6. coleno

    AMD vs. Intel

    Yea I did, sorry about that. When I tried to post it was not showing the new thread/topic button so I did not have an option and tried here for a general area. Right now this machine was built for work first then gaming, but its still running AMD. I have been out of the loop a little and just wanted to double check, I have not caught up with the time I have been away just yet. And I am not a big overclocker either, I just get lucky with the prices I guess.
  7. When the price gets to be about half of my mortgage I will take my cash and buy elsewhere. Mind you I have a few dinky ones around the place but for 600USD I would need to get a real HDD not an SD card. Seriously bad marketing idea, someone needs fired.