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  1. I do not know for a fact, but I would think that a magnet powerful enough to overcome the field inside of the drive will cause damage All mechanical harddrives have a movable head which hovers between a set of high power neodynium magnets. If you apply a large enough magnetic force you can pull the head from one side to the other when the drive is off. I do not know if it causes any physical damage when the drive is in operation, that would require some testing which I am not willing to do. K-TRON
  2. K-TRON

    Storage of hard discs

    I use the plastic harddrive cases. You used to get them when you bought a harddrive. I put my drives in mylar antistatic bags, then slip them in the plastic caddies. They look like this: Good Luck finding them, if only I knew what they were called K-TRON
  3. I see, The few laptops I have worked on which had two sata ports, shared the same SATA channel. That makes sense if they are on separate channels, K-TRON
  4. Not to be skeptical or anything, but what notebook do you possibly have that has SATA 6Gb/sec bandwidth. That is the only way you can see over 300mb/sec, short of SAS/FBC By the way, hdtune is remarkably bad at judging performance of raid arrays in general K-TRON
  5. I am pretty sure it would be faster with those top dog ARECA controllers. K-TRON
  6. Interesting, I thought Toshiba had left the enterprise harddrive market a while ago. Brian, there is a reason why multple manufacturers release the same size, speed and density drives at about the same time. They use the same platters, as manufactured by TSST. They hold there offerings until there competitor can output the same harddrive given the same platters. Then they release the drive to keep competition high. K-TRON
  7. K-TRON

    Super Talent Announces USB 3.0 Thumb Drive

    Did I just read 300MB/sec on supertalent's website If that is true, I will be shocked. I think my USB 2.0 cards are capped around 25mb/sec K-TRON
  8. K-TRON

    AMD vs. Intel

    I am using dual Operton Shanghai processors in my homemade laptop. I choose AMD for a few reasons. 1) at the time, the most efficient dual socket motherboards were for AMD chips 2) I needed a large amount of memory and graphics slots 3) I needed a layout for the processors, as such that I could isolate heating zones in my laptop 4) Tyan provided me with all of my needs on there N6650W/S2915 Motherboard More 5) with AMD, I do not need pricey FB-DIMMS, Normal DDR2 ECC memory with parity, needs not to be actively coolers 6) AMD chips tend to run cooler, my idle temperatures are 77F, and peaks at 94F. So I am in check there. That is dual 2376's clocked up at 3.01Ghz on my motherboard. 7) the processor upgradability. My motherboard supports low clocked 1.8Ghz dual cores, all of the way up to the 2.9Ghz 6 core Istanbul's Negatives: AMD's processors are not as powerful as Intel's offerings these days. My 8 cores of processing power is maybe 30% faster than an overclocked i7 920 at 4Ghz In a physical bought laptop, I will use Intel every step of the way. Intel mobile processors have always been ahead of AMD mobile processors. AMD was late to the laptop game, and by the time they entered. Dell only took them for a few low end models, and HP is still basically the only one who sells AMD mobile chips. They simply cant compete, and they suck down more current than the intel mobile chips do. On the desktop platform, I have yet to find one good AMD motherboard. They are all terrible. I had a few of those very expensive DFi boards, and they are simply not worth it. After the fact, I should have just stuck with Abit/ASUS for a nice 775 board. In the server environment, I am all about AMD and TYAN. They work well together as companies, and they work well as a platform. Cool, and efficient power generation, is all that I ask for, and tis why I choose them for this application. Well that is my story. K-TRON
  9. K-TRON

    Cable Connector Quiz

    I got a 10/10 It wasnt too bad. The only hard one was the Parallel cable. If the one end on the left weren't shown, it could easily be mistaken for a SCSI-2 cable like the kind used on my Linotype K-TRON
  10. K-TRON

    most reliable hard drive?

    As others have mentioned, you cant really measure reliability, as all drives are not subject to the same environment and conditions by the end user, and there could very very well be some manufacturing defects thrown into the batter of harddrives. I have been running Hitachi's for years, I have only had one drive go out on me. And that was my fault. I was using my 15K300 outside of its enclosure. I had a fan going to keep it cool. I bumped into the table, and the fan grille shorted out the circuit board My laptop has one in there, and I have 10,900hours on it without a problem. I have had troubles with Western Digital in the past, and problems with Seagate in the present. The only companies which I havent had any problems at all with are Fujitsu and Samsung, but that could be because my sampling of drives from either is small. The longest drive I have ran is a Fujitsu 15K enterprise drive, which has been going for 9 years strong. Two summers ago, I unpackaged a brand new 120MB Western Digital Harddrive, which had been sitting new in its box since 1991. It was a big old MFM disc which I was planning to use to get my 1987 Linotype workstation going. I plugged it in, and within seconds, smoke was pouring out of the drive. I contacted Western Digital, and they did not provide me with any help at all. Not even a data sheet, so I could find out the models of the voltage regulators and micro controllers which appeared to be fried. All they said was that it is an old drive, and the chemicals inside the drive must have dissipated from sitting inactive for so long. Well, I tried replacing some parts, and I couldnt get it going. So I brought it to the scrap yard and I got $0.28 for it, out of scrap metal. Otherwise, I mean the results will be based on personal use. K-TRON
  11. I found what you are looking for. I have seen them before. PA-2DH25 I hope this helps, K-TRON
  12. I have done exactly as Jus has mentioned in the past, when my hitachi 15k300 ultra 320 drive died. Just be patient, it took about 2 weeks to get the same drive off ebay. I have a simiar 73gb 15K fujitsu (I think the maxtor was a rebranded fujitsu then, I could be wrong) it makes a fairly loud buzzing noise at startup. It doesnt make any beeps. It is just very loud. When they are running you can feel them vibrate. If you cant source a new circuit board. Check the circuit board out and do a visual inspection to see if anything on the board burned out. Good luck K-TRON
  13. K-TRON

    How to detect HDD

    If you are using SCSI or SAS drives, you will need to load the proper SCSI/SAS drivers to a floppy disc, than press F6, when windows tells you to. Windows will ask you to select the drivers to install. Press S and Enter, and the drives will appear. If you are not using SCSI or SAS drives, than please check that the drive is plugged in and connected to the motherboard. Than check to see if the drive is recognized by the BIOS. Usually you need to press F2 or the Delete key to enter into the BIOS. You should look in the Boot options page and the main/advanced pages to see if the drive is recognized by the system. Good luck, K-TRON
  14. K-TRON

    My children's future is ruined.

    I use IE5, and it is the best internet explorer yet. I find it to be much better than IE8, that is for sure. IE8 is like a virus, it lets everything in. I do use firefox 3.5.something these days on my laptop, cause as of late there is some virus which comes through IE5 when I use photobucket. I hope that gets fixed soon. Firefox has been pretty damn reliable, no viruses yet from it (fingers crossed) K-TRON
  15. K-TRON

    Any benchmarks for WD Scorpio 1tb 2.5" ?

    Chaz, you cant generalize like that. This drive is designed and made for laptops, and YES there are a good share of laptops which support 12.5mm thick drives. 12.5mm thick drives used to be the standard before a good majority of the market went to 9.5mm thick drives to have thinner laptops. Most laptops which have the ability to run two or more harddrives can run the 12.5mm thick devices. Most manufacturers put the two drives ontop of each other, like in the XPS1730, most high end Clevo models, even the Toshiba high end laptops have support for 12.5mm drives. It wont fit in ALL laptops, just take some dimensions and check to see if it will fit before you buy it. As far as performance goes, it is a three platter drive consisting of 3 333Gb platters. It will yield the same performance as the 640gb model which is 9.5mm thick - utilizing two 333gb platters. 5200rpm, I am not sure if that is a website mistake, or the actual speed. Usually they are 5400rpm. As of late, Seagate has introduced 5900rpm drives, so maybe WD has released 5200rpm drives as well. I am not sure why they would do this unless dropping 200rpm makes any noise/power consumption difference. K-TRON