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  1. OK, a query after a long time... Given that I am spending time in academia, I end up collecting a lot of papers - added to that are some papers from my mother's time. (Plus a lot of private documents...) So, I wonder, is there some sort of document management system that can mange files using the file system. When I search for document management systems on for example sourceforge, I will find many great solutions with one huge BUT: They tend to use databases... and on WHS this is a bad idea... The OS drive can fail and offers little space, the storage pool will have issues with a constantly accessed file... I am looking for a piece of software that will ideally write a file that contains database information - say "info.xml" or similar in my document folder and then contain information on the documents organized into subfolders on that share so that anybody can access the files without the software or use the software to check if a copy of the document already exists. For my academic use I use Mendeley, but that would not port well onto my Home Server. Oh, and it needs to be free.... Would anybody havea ny ideas?
  2. DetlevCM

    Free Online Storage

    Ok, I added Dropbox - they aren't secure according to the German authorities, but well known. (I think the whole post needs some updating...) The other names only have new members mentioning them - any established users who can voice their input on them?
  3. And again you are making assumptions Now yes, everybody will to some extent subsidize warranties - on the other hand, normal profits should suffice to cover warranty expenses. But where you are making an assumption is, that someone improperly handled their drive - why? A drive can fail without improper handling - in fact, being a piece of electronics, it can fail any day. On one occasion, after a year, a Samsung laptop drive just died on me... about 4 years ago...
  4. Now why would point 2 make that any better? The fact that something can be replaced at a low cost doesn't automatically make it a disposable item. Plus, most drives have a minimum cost of around 40-50€ going up right now, for the smallest model. Not something I want to be forced to spend on a replacement.
  5. Windows Vista with a Sony recovery disc on a laptop - but also adding things like Visual Studio and a full Adobe Suite plus a significant amount of updates. When I checked after having set up everything I was up into the 100s of GBs of writes - around 600 if I remember correctly... In terms of writing: Actually, no If you write less than 4K, then a 4K block of flash is written to - no matter how tiny the data. Compressing it doesn't help. That's the issue with small files.
  6. Well, at least with respect to Photoshop, an artist can be an enthusiast user Installing an OS also causes loads of writes - setting up my Intel SSD originally created close to 600GB of writes... the second install (I broke the OS with Revo) created fewer GB of writes, but still many. -> Also, installing & uninstalling can create loads of writes, depending on how well/bad the software is written. (I noticed open source software typically consists of thousands of tiny files... tiny files (especially is < 4KB) the greater the wear)
  7. Interesting thread And actually, with the 22nm SSDs, I would worry. Smaller random writes are more wear than large sequential writes. If anybody makes professional use of Photoshop, CAD, programming or other simulations (e.g. Fluent), it shouldn't be difficult to write TBs of data to a drive in a short amount of time. SLC SSDs are just too expensive. Also, do you really want to regularly replace your SSD when your older HDDs would last "forever" (or until it was thrown about too much or the motor fails).
  8. I can only speculate, but I believe that higher platter density drives tend to overall fail more often compared to their lower density siblings. Similar to the notion that 22nm MLC SSDs have a reduced lifespan over 34nm MLC SSDs. I think it is about 3-4000 write cycles vs. 10000 for SSDs. (Just on this note, a bit off-topic, but my G2 Intel has nearly reached 10TB of writes and is still working as well as ever (9,98TB))
  9. Hmm, the last drives I bought (about a year ago) and recommended to (2 months ago) were Seagate... Looks like I should turn away from Western Digital in the future... a lower warranty is pretty much acknowledgement that their products aren't built to last - or at least that the company doesn't care about their customers...
  10. If you DBAN a harddrive then the data should be unrecoverable - especially if you use the paranoid mode with 35 overwrites. On that note, CCleaner can also clear empty space - or delete data by overwriting several times, just in case you need to retain the OS for the IT deparment. (I wouldn't be surprised if they claimed you broke the laptop if you DBAN it...)
  11. DetlevCM

    2x 3,5" IDE drives - what to do?

    Where else do you get cheap tech? And not only cheap stuff - even so called high end products come from China nowadays.
  12. DetlevCM

    Things that will damage SSD

    Considering this thread has been revived, some data from my 160GB G2 Intel SSD: Writes 9,22TB Reallocated Sector Count 5 -> Otherwise still working well (Just like new)
  13. DetlevCM

    2x 3,5" IDE drives - what to do?

    Just thought I'd post an update - so that was my first ever eBay purchase an enclosure. My mother gets her drive back, which means I can get my 2,5" HDD back (that I copied the stuff onto via a dock) and one IDE drive stays stashed away... Prices on the web do seem nice... on the other hand... if my mother wants to maybe keep it, I could get her another enclosure for it... -> At least one can be used again.
  14. DetlevCM

    2x 3,5" IDE drives - what to do?

    Well, one of the drives is her -> so at least that one has to stay with her if she wants I've ordered an enclosure of at 7,5 Pounds (cheaper than Amazon, etc.) and will see how that pans out. I must agree with the sentiment that there isn't a lot of use for such a small drive - simply because it mainly wastes valuable space given that the same space can be filled at a reasonably price with 8 times as much capacity. (2TB, 3TB is still expensive) However, considering that my mother uses external drives via USB, that's more her problem than mine (I did too before I moved to the HomeServer)
  15. DetlevCM

    2x 3,5" IDE drives - what to do?

    Doesn't exist in the UK - besides, unless I am mistaken that place has an even worse reputation than ebay. -> I'm currently trying to get a case at 7,5 Pounds - one for the time being. (-> Shipping expensive, case cheap guess they want to avoid ebay fees... )