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    onboard raid controller giving me grief

    hello and thank you for replying. Kevin, the server is using a intel rst raid at bios level, so a sort of software raid. continuum, the client is the same server 2019. just in #1 im on the server desktop itself copying the file to a share setup on the win 10 machine. in #2 I was copying the file from the servers share using the win 10 desktop. its all very odd as the issue seems to go away if I use the Kingston 2400mghz memory as opposed to the Corsair LPX 3000mghz stuff.
  2. I have had issues with the following system in the past not being stable. This was improved when Gigabyte released a new bios. Since then I have had very occasional reboots which have left the machine stuck at the "boot failure detected" screen. Which when investigating the issue it pointed to a problem with the graphics driver. system: windows server 2019 Gigabyte Z170M D3H F22f bios 8GB corsair 3000mghz XMP Intel 6100T Antec Earthwatts 380W psu drive config below. so moving forward I have now found a repeatable task that will cause the system to reboot every time: 1) if I copy a large file (78GB for instance) using the server 2019 desktop to push the file to a network share from the Raid 0 I have on 2x Hitachi 4TB NAS drives (that also have a raid 1 setup on them). result REEBOOT. 2) if I pull the file from the same array using another windows 10 machine it transfers fine. 3) if I transfer the same file to the other raid 0 (2x 120gb ssd's) I have on the same server it works fine. 4) if I then send that file from the SSD raid 0 to a network share it works fine. it only reboots when I push the file from the raid 0 on the 2x NAS drives. the drive config is as follows: server 2019 on 2x 128GB crucial M4-CT128M4SSD2 drives in raid 0. data drives on 2x 4TB Hitachi HGST HDN724040ALE640 drives. configured as 3.6tb raid 0 and 1.8tb raid 1. ive changed the ram to some Kingston 2400mghz ram and it seems to run fine and copy without issue. so thought it must be faulty ram. got the ram replaced and getting the same issue. any ideas would be appreciated. some theories i have is the CPU maybe cant run at 3000mghz on the ram side as its a 6100T or faulty CPU/motherboard?
  3. cypher007

    wd15eads playing up in a raid1

    thank you for replying. it is code 198 Uncorrectable Sector Count. it now stands at 1, but the smart status is saying this is OK. before it registered this Uncorrectable Sector it was reading code 197 Current Pending Sector Count and that was at 1, i think. ive zero filled both drives, one with killdisk and one with hdtune. and there both reporting 0 bad sectors.
  4. ive got a problem with my raid 1 running on a ati 785g mb. one of the wd15eads will drop out as missing with a smart error. ive got tler on defaults of 7s for r+w. ive not tried the idle time setting yet ill try that next. the one that keeps dropping out seems to run hotter, and the smart status reads 98% health. after running a zero on the drive i have one uncorrectable sector, but smart says thats ok. the hdmonitor utility now says the drive is 99% helthy. what should i do? whats worrying me is if i send it back for replacement i will probably get one that wont let me set tler. are there any other reliable 1.5tb drives out there? preferably without all the tler cr*p.