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  1. Nice review... You obviously had better luck undoing the clips than I did!
  2. LesT

    Sadforce vs intel vs PCIe

    Pretty much every company except for Samsung has invested in SandForce in some way, shape or form. SandForce makes SSD controllers and has done very well for themselves because of their use of compression in storage. Suffice it to say that Sandforce has been the leader in performance for the most part since its the controller of the SSD that primarily results in its performance. PCIe SSDs do use the computers chipset but also have a bios and hardware of their own to enhance things, thus reducing the overall load on the CPU. In the case of OCZs new Revo, their Superscale controller does AMAZING things. At the enterprise levels, their new Z-Drive will push out 2.8GB/s read and write performance which is actually doubled if the customer orders the Z-Drive with two Superscale controllers. Imagine over 5GB/s read and write and over a million IOPS.
  3. LesT

    Sadforce vs intel vs PCIe

    I haven't jumped in for awhile so here I go. At present, the SATA 3 interface bottlenecks solid state drive performance to somewhere in the area of just over 500MB/s whereas PCI Express does not. A great example of this is the new Revo 3X2 card which will push out performance of 1500MB/s read and 1250MB/s write. Its also my recommendation in the 240GB capacity for what you are building as it simply can't be touched for performance and price right now coming in at less than $700. To date, I also don't know of any problems with the SF-2281 PCIe cards whereas there have been problems experienced with typical SSD form factors. The trade off between the two is that the 2.5" SSD utilizes TRIM whereas the Revo 3x2 (which uses SCSI) does not however, personally, I think it is a non-issue as a result of the garbage collection seen in SF controlled SSDDs. Just my thoughts...
  4. LesT

    Intel 25nm G3 is here.

    Glad To Help!
  5. LesT

    Intel 25nm G3 is here.

    Ummmm... Have you tried here: http://www.storagereview.com/intel_ssd_320_review_300gb
  6. I believe Taiwan and you will find these controllers in Mach Extreme SSDs and I think they are pata.
  7. LesT

    Intel G3 and Sandforce F2000...

    If it helps, the Corsair has been announced to be released in February which is going to be the No.2 SATA3 release to the consumer. You will see the Micron come (same new Marvell controller) just behind that, the Micron serving oem needs and then the Crucial will be released in March. Although not officially announced, its believable that the SF-2000 release will start appearing in March, the enterprise a few days ahead of the consumer versions. Two companies are famous for not making announcements until close to the release date, these being Samsung and Intel so don't wonder why they haven't stated anything. Both have a very tight lip on any of the technology sites that they have spoken to. The first SandForce 2000 series products will be released by OCZ because, unlike the other oems, they build their entire product from the ground up and do not have to wait for reference design from SandForce...
  8. LesT

    Best result from SSD OS

    A fresh install is always the best approach. Remember, in migrating you are transfering an exact system which means that, you are moving from a 'non-TRIM' environment to one where you want TRIM to be working. Sometimes hiccups are encountered. I just got a Revo on my new system and did a fresh install myself. It took a day but I am very glad I did it and I was just switching DVD to DVD.
  9. It was a typo. Feb 2011 is when many companies will be releasing their new consumer versions of the SF-2000 drive. We will be seeing such at CES in Jan. The speeds are reachable in typical SATA3 scenarios without special testing equipment as promised by SF. We will see OWC try to grab more property in the consumer market by pulling an OCZ where they introduce many confis inclusing a few PCIE. An educated person would watch January 2010 to see what is released first...
  10. I agree totally but unfortunately I could not utilize any sample netbook for testing. It has been my experience (and this goes back quite a while) that no ssd will perform up to par because of the bottleneck created by the atom system. There will be a noticeable diff created by the seek time however.
  11. Already sent Brian a note that I have no knowledge of the poster nor did I know anything of the post until I received a backlink notification. It is a great drive though and heck...gotta love the source. eheheh.
  12. LesT

    Samsung 470 Series SSD Review

    Congrats Bri...seems we are the only two North Americans smart enough to review this drive so far. In fact, Samsung just made a new reviews Section and we are the only two there eheh. I will be the first to concede our test setup is nowhere near that of this site but our results, especially with Vantage, proved the drive to be a rocket. It was refreshing seeing Samsung with comparable 4k results alone now wasn't it? Great review!!
  13. Personally, I believe that we are still seeing SSDs in their infancy and one cannot accurately grade the reliabilty of any brand against the other given exception to the 602a.
  14. Exactly...keep waiting to here they are fake myself but if true, dont wait for Intel.
  15. Personally...very disappointed in the Intel release but its obvious they are relying on rep and the larger capacities. I agree that the consumer is in for a shock with pricing... SandForce 2000 - It will be out with OWC and other drives Qi 2012; a few have already made releases as such.