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  1. Anyone seen/heard/used cloudfoundry before? Its a PaaS from vmware that is also open source, and is a pretty good product for being less than a month old. I have it running on two vps's at the moment serving up quite a few domains. And it does a decent job as well, no hassle for me to push my rails or node project up to the cloud, including parody projects (have a 76LOC proxy that does a regex on another site before returning it. Twas fun to write). When they get php support integrated I'm planning on moving all my vps's to it, since it will make my life oh so much easier.

  2. As of this second palm is... stalled in regards to growth. Everyone knows that, and palm admits it. But we do know that thats going to change. Soon. The Veer is going to be out soon which will be the first device with the full backing of HP's marketing division, and after that the pre3 and the touchpad are due for release. But all of that is piddles compared to another market HP has said they are moving webos to. Which is their computers. Sometime this year HP is going to ship webos on every computer they ship. Hows that for scale.