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    Who uses ReadyBoost?

    I saw that 8gb expresscard thing on newegg and stuck it in my cart to buy friday (along with 4gb ddr3 and a ocz 60gb ssd) but they sold out. 8 bucks for an 8gb flash drive is pretty good in itself, but for one that hides away? Yes please! As for ready boost, I used to use a 4gb sd card in my laptop for that, but found that it used more power than I would have liked. So now It's just mirroring my documents folder.
  2. Patrick Roberts

    What do you do?

    It's a simple question, What is your day job? I currently work for the CSU system as a web developer, currently focusing on Rails work.
  3. Patrick Roberts

    Reliability database gone?

    Its going through a revamp right now.
  4. Patrick Roberts

    Laptops with 4:3 screen

    Every single computer monitor in my house is either 16:10 or 4:3 except for two. One is my little small netbook as1410, and the other is my new desktop monitor. But my monitor doesn't count since it has a resolution close to 2048x1156 in a 23" screen. TAKE THAT 1080P!
  5. Patrick Roberts

    Microsoft SkyDrive - 25GB Free Online Storage

    I use mesh, but I don't really have anything saved to the desktop in it. I mostly use it for Computer-Computer File syncing and remote-desktop while behind retarded firewalls, since live mesh is the only one that I have found that gets through them in some of the places I visit. I am waiting for them to enable remote desktop on the mac clients as well, because then I could connect to my mini from work. Well, I COULD before, but that involved remote-desktoping into my desktop, THEN into the mini.
  6. Ah Acer. What a shock... That being said, my little as1410 is pretty solid.
  7. I, personally, would go with the second option. Hell, for my desktop I have two 500GB in raid 1 just because ALL my data is on it, another 320GB for steam, a 1TB as a backup drive, and a 750GB for incremental images of all my computers.
  8. Patrick Roberts

    Western Digital PATA 500 gig

    Which one had the old style molex plug, the sata HD or the sony? Because either way, an adapter is under 5 bucks. And the Error you are getting usually has to do with a hardware error. I can't really get any more specific than that....
  9. Patrick Roberts

    Cable Connector Quiz

    I missed one of the last two. Which is sad, because its obvious. Like, ridiculously obvious.
  10. Patrick Roberts

    Storage Review Site Update

    1. Happening soon. 2. I havent been able to replicate that error at all, on any of my computers.
  11. Patrick Roberts

    LG adding a HDD to their Blu-ray players

    I don't really see the purpose of this anymore. Especially considering that most Directv HD-DVR's can be streamed to (and from!) for music, videos, pictures, etc. super easy. Oh, and yes, it does support DNLA, so WMP knows its there and talks to it just fine.
  12. Patrick Roberts

    Storage Review Site Update

    Ok, since everyone is so hooked on the Reliability DB, what to you guys want it to do, exactly?
  13. Patrick Roberts

    Hard Drives for Cars?

    IIRS, most of the car hard drives are 40-60GB rugged drives that are not worth the price. Last one I saw for sale was a 40GB for 150. I would just get a 32GB or 16GB flash drive which can be had for much cheaper. Hell, for my stereo, I usually have a 1GB el-cheapo flash drive I got from shuttle (came with a thermos as well. Totally worth the free I got it for!) for music, and occasionally a 4GB plugged in whenever I watch a video on it (I occasionally have to wait in the car for a hour or so when I get stuck taking my brother to soccer practice, I watch divx videos off my stereo). Oh, and as an FYI, JVC receivers are limited to 250 folders with 999 files in each folder for a usb drive. And as for stereo's with usb ports, my JVC has a 6 foot usb cable coming out the back that I have routed to drop below my glove box. It is awesome, and I don't have a usb drive sticking out the front of my stereo.
  14. Patrick Roberts

    What do you do?

    I never would have guess
  15. Patrick Roberts

    NFL Playoffs

    Honestly, it does not matter for me if it is going HD since my brother only has an SD box, and if he ever tries to watch it on the big TV, he gets kicked off immediately. However, I AM pissed that I don't get East Coast feeds in HD, only SD. What possible reason would they have to do that...
  16. Patrick Roberts

    NFL Playoffs

    Oh God. The Fox Soccer Channel is the most watched channel in my house. And luckily, there IS a local(ish) team near my house, which is Galaxy. I'm pretty sure that my brother and my dad hold season tickets for them. And as for a football team. This is LA. We deserve a team, even if we have to steal one from another city.
  17. Patrick Roberts

    NFL Playoffs

    You people with your local football teams.... How I envy you.
  18. Patrick Roberts

    Laptops with 4:3 screen

    I beg to differ. I work almost exclusively on my laptop which has a 16:10 screen. Why? Because I can throw up multiple windows at the same time as actually see whats in each without them being squished. And I actively use my laptop for 8-9 hours each day doing work.