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  1. My next main notebook? 13" MBA. It does everything I need it to do, which is mainly textmate + git. My next whythehellnot notebook? That fancy new Dell Touchscreen netbook.
  2. Patrick Roberts

    HD failed. Need advice on new laptop drive. SATA I

    I just picked up a GSkill 60GB drive for 110 from newegg, and its a pretty nice drive. Its a tad outside your price range, but could be something worth looking into.
  3. Patrick Roberts

    Use for an old D-Link router

    If its dd-wrt compatible what about say a print server? Or just keep it for a rainy day..
  4. Thats what I'm doing in my T400, 60gb agility + 500GB Scorpio Blu. Works decently well, esp with win7's libraries I added one for downloads and have all my libraries set to use the ultrabay as the main spot, with the exception of documents which uses the sd card.
  5. I usually go os on ssd + everything else on HD's because I have alot of crap. Right now my desktop has a 60Gb ssd boot drive, 750GB documents/programs hd, 750GB Steam Drive, and 2x160GB Media Drives. Even Though my desktop is basically only used for games, I hate waiting for win7 to load. HateHateHate. Much rather have a fast os + slow(er) games.
  6. As it stands now, their doomed. If they ever decide to drop their price or raise their performance, then maybe they would survive... But their just not competitive at all.
  7. Patrick Roberts

    Mac getting TRIM support

    Sweet considering I won a 80GB G2 from intel today at E3. Going to stick it in the mini methinks.
  8. Patrick Roberts

    Logmein Remote Access

    Live Mesh. 'Nough said. That said, I am constantly amazed at how well OSX's screen sharing works. Its able to, for the most part, display my gigantic desktop on my mini from my work with no ui lagginess.
  9. Hell, I'm blown away by my single 60GB Agility I just got. Stuff doesn't load, it just is....
  10. Patrick Roberts - New Testing Methodology

    I think that power user should be launching a crapload of programs (think CS4 suite. And CS3 suite. And Office.) and timing how long it takes to fully open each one. I still have an app that can time how long it takes for an app to open a window, as well. /Random thought of the day!
  11. Patrick Roberts

    Corsair Intros New SSDs, 512GB Version

    I may end up picking up a nova 64GB, unless there is an amazingly better deal on newegg when I get around to buying one. That is, if I don't put off buying one for another month. Again.
  12. Patrick Roberts

    Intel SSD and Deep Freeze

    It might be due to the way that win7 writes to a ssd compared to a hdd (IE tries to write immediately instead of caching). OR it may be because deep freeze is a horrible program that deserves to burn in the depths of hell.
  13. Patrick Roberts

    registration not replicated to reliablity survey

    Silly, Silly, PHP....
  14. Patrick Roberts

    I think I am going to need more hard drives for movie storage

    If you use WHS you can use it to store WMC tv recording's, though, which is a plus. And you can throw usb drives into the mix as well, easily. Lets see linux do that (Easily. As in plug-and-play easily)
  15. Patrick Roberts

    uallocated hard drive issue

    Is there a reason there is a 2.50GB partition right after your main one and before the unallocated space? Because if its not needed, delete it and windows should be able to extend your main partition to the full size available.
  16. Yeah, my Sandisk 4GB card has not failed me yet, and its been used for 4 years, being written to and read from pretty much every day.
  17. Last time I had to erase a Hd I took it to the local library and swiped it over the demagnitizer a few times. And then took a torch to it and melted the insides.
  18. Patrick Roberts

    Free Online Storage

    Live Mesh is what I use. Syncs my documents across all my computers, and also is an easy way to initiate a remote desktop session. Hopefully they add remote desktop to the mac client soon.
  19. I am going to break into your house and steal all those. Just a warning.
  20. What. A. Suprise Charles.
  21. Patrick Roberts

    Avatars enabled

    I actually don't mind those types of links as long as they are not overly obnoxtious, which some are.
  22. Patrick Roberts

    Avatars enabled

    Wait, there were interstitials? Really? I never saw one...
  23. Patrick Roberts

    Avatars enabled

    Sherlock Penguin is mad at you continuum
  24. Patrick Roberts

    My children's future is ruined.

    I like chrome, buuuuut I like FF more. That being said, I do have Chrome and Opera installed on all my computers, even if I never use them.