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  1. You should have slapped him. Trust me, I wanted to. And winphone 7 games === awesome
  2. I have Brink, Crysis 1/2, L4D/2, Borderlands, Portal 2, BC2, and a crapton more on steam to play. And it has been established that Kevin sucks at crysis 2.
  3. Patrick Roberts

    Show Your Office

    That is a pretty fun game. Thankfully, I have managed to get away from the hell that was android and now use both winphone 7 and webos, depending on my mood. And xbox live on the go=win.
  4. Patrick Roberts

    Show Your Office

    Yeah, suuuuure.
  5. I'm with continuum on this. A smaller ssd plus a decently fast data drive is the way to go. I currently have all my steam files on their own HD (well, I used to... now their on their own partition on the same drive as the media files since the steam drive died.), and it works out great.
  6. Patrick Roberts


    Anyone seen/heard/used cloudfoundry before? Its a PaaS from vmware that is also open source, and is a pretty good product for being less than a month old. I have it running on two vps's at the moment serving up quite a few domains. And it does a decent job as well, no hassle for me to push my rails or node project up to the cloud, including parody projects (have a 76LOC proxy that does a regex on another site before returning it. Twas fun to write). When they get php support integrated I'm planning on moving all my vps's to it, since it will make my life oh so much easier.
  7. I am intrigued... I don't know if I could ever use something like that, but its cool none the less.
  8. I do really like fords SYNC stuff, but their recent reboot issues make me a little wary. If there is a computer in my car, it should not crash at all, and if it DOES, it should either come back up immediately OR load into a failsafe system.
  9. Patrick Roberts

    Best upcoming games in 2011?

    Well, Crysis 2 just came out, that will be epic. Then there is portal 2, and then the new deus ex. All for PC, naturally.
  10. Its 50/50 that the 9800GTX+ melts itself
  11. Patrick Roberts

    Any of you guys ride motorcycles?

    *Whistles in his SUV*
  12. Patrick Roberts

    How protected is your family data?

    *Whistles as the only computer set up to backup in his house, the mac mini, does.*
  13. I don't think I have the link anymore, unfortunatly.
  14. I still think there is no way a case did that to the MBA.
  15. Patrick Roberts

    Playback 720p through 100mbit network?

    Yeah, I'm betting that your wireless speeds are nowhere near 100mbit at all. Have you looked at bitrate of the connection while streaming/copying files to see what it actually is?