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  1. They're definitely making progress, no doubt. It's just hard going up against the vertically integrated solutions from a cost and performance standpoint.
  2. We could ask Dell EMC if you would like to get their read on it, but usually it's pretty close. We don't test for that specifically.
  3. Brian

    14TB performance reviews

    I think we're expecting Exos in soon for review, not sure on capacity and quantity yet.
  4. Brian

    Spin time question

    I've never looked that closely before honestly. What environment is this in?
  5. Brian

    Seagate Achieves 16TB HAMR HDD

    It's a start for sure, there's going to be a density play for 3.5" HDDs for some time still.
  6. We're working to get both of these drives in for review.
  7. Brian

    Seagate 2tb hardrive not all.

    It saddens me that we still get posts like this. One location on any media is not a sufficient backup.
  8. Brian

    Affordable & reliable RAID 1 controller

    Like send you one from a pile we have. Send us a note,
  9. We haven't seen new Toshiba drives in a little while. Working on it...
  10. You're not wrong, but I haven't heard anyone worry about TRIM in years. The drives have become pretty darn reliable. How much data changes on a daily basis or between backups? Two drives means larger workstations, etc. Just wondering what the other logistics are here.
  11. It's fun to see these fanless NAS come out every so often. In-car video recording server!
  12. The testing methodology is a little different, we debated putting the 860 EVO on for instance, but it's apples to apples with a bite missing so we opted not to. You could pull the reviews side by side to compare with the understanding the QLC drives are tested more gently.
  13. Brian

    Affordable & reliable RAID 1 controller

    Is software RAID out of the question here?
  14. Sort of available...most have been sent to channel partners. We're hoping to wiggle one free soon...
  15. We've been using these a while, Kevin has 5-6 of them. Latest sounds like the app has gotten worse since the IPO unfortunately.
  16. Overall the XN5004T offers quite a bit of flexibility and performance in a small NAS. There's only a single SSD slot but QSAN makes the most of it, enabling dedupe, compression and caching, which is a nice inclusion for a 4-bay NAS. Further, the PCIe expansion slot enabled more use-case specific options like 10GbE. QSAN XCubeNAS XN5004T NAS Review
  17. You missed it - Best of the QLC pack.
  18. Brian

    Seagate Reports 1Q19 Earnings

    After a terrible report from WDC I didn't expect Seagate to do too well. They seem a bit more organized though at the moment and WDC just had another reduction in force from what we can tell.
  19. 4 GPUs in a NAS...fantastic.
  20. While not a lot of people are going to use the M.2 SSD bays, it's still pretty cool they're in there, along with 10GbE for what is effectively a 3-bay entry NAS.
  21. Brian

    Toshiba L200

    We've seen a lot of road maps, but none lately for end user HDDs. I really think WD/Seagate have conceded 2.5" SATA to SSDs. I'm figured out a path to live on a tiny SSD and NAS/cloud services. I prefer this actually in case of an SSD failure.
  22. Brian

    Excelero Announces NVMesh 2

    I really wonder how many of these SDS solutions can find a path to viability. Lenovo is partnered with like a dozen software partners and Dell is almost the same. Doesn't even count guys like this who have largely partnered with the white box guys. I guess Micron never figured out how to make Excelero work as a product. Probably a good thing, selling arrays isn't their jam.