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  1. Brian

    Toshiba L200

    We only have the 660p at the moment. Reworking the test plan too, industry pushback on the 5% test area. They want to see some 1% tests that are more gentle on the cache and perhaps more indicative of light consumer workloads.
  2. Brian

    Samsung 860 EVO SSD VS SAS HDD

    The problem is the vendors get grumpy with us when we start looking at that as they're not really supported and most consumer drives will do poorly in enterprise workloads. The cost delta between high end consumer and cheap SATA enterprise has also closed.
  3. Brian

    Toshiba L200

    QLC is going to close the gap further. There should be 3 QLC SSDs launched very soon. Might even have some in the lab
  4. Expecting a good set in for review soon as well FYI.
  5. Brian

    Toshiba L200

    I mean maybe...but how much of the world really cares about dense 2.5" HDDs any more? I know some do, especially in 2-bay workstations, but it's shrinking.
  6. Brian

    Toshiba L200

    We can ask, haven't heard from Toshiba HDD in ages...
  7. We had a drive failure and it took a while to get a replacement. We're testing right now.
  8. Brian

    Seagate BarraCuda SSD Announced

    Who knows...Seagate and WD for that matter really need to put together a coherent flash strategy. But with very good options especially in the end user space, unless these drives are cheap, there's really no reason to even consider them.
  9. Alerts maybe, but the drives should still work for a JBOD. If an array, there's often a very restricted whitelist of drives supported.
  10. Brian

    Samsung 860 EVO SSD VS SAS HDD

    I'm want to know how much better an SSD is over a SAS HDD? The answer is a lot...endurance isn't really an issue but you need to understand your workload if you're sourcing your own drives and not buying as part of a packaged array.
  11. Announced back in May 2018, NetApp ONTAP 9.4 has officially entered General Availability (GA). It is now available for download at NetApp's ONTAP 9.4 Hits GA
  12. Brian

    Toshiba Delivers Value SAS SSDs

    Just default settings man...I'd argue it's sleazy to force notifications on you. This is just an option if you want it. Don't want, don't turn it on.
  13. Employees aren't being paid. IOUs only go so far.
  14. Can't say I'm too surprised. I'll never forget when in 2015 at VMworld they told me I could not attend their event. LOL...that and refusal to work with us on a review unless they controlled it; bad karma combo for the kill.
  15. The idea of buying an SSD on controller tech flashes me back to 2014. Buy a good drive, controller won't matter. Samsung is probably your friend in this adventure.
  16. We haven't heard anything from end user HDD guys in ages. I can't even recall testing one that wasn't some sort of hybrid abomination for a year or more.
  17. Today Mesosphere launched a beta of Kubernetes on its DC/OS. This beta will provide customers with a platform for running both stateless and stateful services with a common set of security, maintenance, and management tools. The company is also releasing the latest version of DC/OS, version 1.10. This version adds capabilities making it more secure, resilient, and a high-performance platform to power containerized applications and data services. Mesosphere Launches Kubernetes Beta On DC/OS 1.10
  18. Sorry, what's the rest of the context for your question?
  19. Pretty fun config. I like the mixing of bays, great for higher performance volumes or use a couple 2.5" bays for cache.
  20. That's one of the best things about what we're seeing out of flash arrays. The fears of wearing out SSDs have gone away and now vendors can offer a lower cost option vs the heavily over provisioned drives that have higher endurance. Glad it's working out for you.
  21. The HP t430 Thin Client and HP mt44 Mobile Thin Client is slated for worldwide release in early May 2018 priced at $249 and $849, respectively. Moreover, the HP ThinPro 7 OS will be available in July 2018. HP t430 and mt44 Thin Clients Announced
  22. The performance with DR on didn't really move from the lsat review we did. It's clearly a weak point for Fujitsu. That and the interface could be better. That said, teh performance per $ is pretty darn compelling.
  23. Brian

    Replacement for Intel SSD DC S3610

    Can you tell us more about the use, performance and capacity needs?
  24. Probably so for most users.
  25. The Seagate Backup Plus Fast portable drive is performance-heavy mobile device that provides users a plethora of storage and is the first portable drive that offers 4TB of storage space. Backup Plus Fast is fully USB powered, allowing users to bring along their videos, music, and pictures without having to carry an extra external power supply while on the go. Also included is the Seagate Dashboard, which offers users the ability to schedule and automate backups for their computer, social networks and mobile devices. Seagate Backup Plus Fast Portable Review