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  1. Brian

    SSD life expectancy

    We post you mean something else?
  2. We don't have a big pool of Intel NVMe drives unfortunately. We have more coming on this though, early days still.
  3. We modified the way we test QLC drives after that initial run. We went from testing 5% to 1% of the drive capacity. Essentially we tested too hard for these value drives early on.
  4. We just got the 250GB in. Not expecting much but we'll see.
  5. Brian

    Seems there is none new member here

    Welcome! Would love to hear about your experiences.
  6. Normally there's a screw to secure the tail end of the drive or a rubber stopper (for lack of better word). Yes, take a photo.
  7. The LSI MegaRAID 9361-8i SAS3 RAID controller is a 12Gb/s storage adapter featuring PCIe 3.0 host interface, 1GB DDRIII cache memory, 1.2GHz PowerPC 476 dual core 12Gb/s ROC, and 8 12Gb/s SATA+SAS ports. With twice the maximum data transfer rate of 6Gb/s SAS solutions, the 9361-8i delivers enough bandwidth to fully saturate the PCI Express Gen3 bus. Along with superior data transfer rates, the 9361-8i offers enterprise-class data protection and security and supports CacheVault flash cache protection. LSI first-to-market 12Gb/s SAS solutions, such as the 9361-8i, are geared for the performance and security demands of next generation of enterprise data storage. LSI MegaRAID SAS3 9361-8i Review
  8. Did it end up working? Never shut off power during what appears to be a sluggish firmware update.
  9. Brian

    New BackBlaze Stats

    We're at the point now with some NAS reviews where it takes a few days to get to the point where we can test. It will operate, just not at best performance levels.
  10. We already gave it away on Reddit
  11. Hah, I can't tell you how many times I've done that in testing portables over here. Wow, that HDD is FAST!
  12. All the SSDs should work in a QNAP or Synology for instance. The enterprise drives largely add endurance as you note. We've used a lot of DCT 860s and they've been great. Even used them in a white paper for QNAP/Veeam that was pretty fun. Anyway, if the price is close, I'd lean toward the enterprise drives. You'll get much better support too, no arguing about workload if there's a problem.
  13. Brian

    Micron 1300 SSD Announced

    They didn't give us more than what Adam posted. There aren't many who are committed to enterprise SATA at this point, Toshiba has almost completely forsaken it in favor of value SAS for low end enterprise flash.
  14. You have a tremendously wide variety of options here. What are you on now and what sort of budget are you looking at? What else is in the environment?
  15. Brian

    New BackBlaze Stats

    It's the rebuild time on these much larger HDDs that starts to get a little scary depending on how and what you're running.
  16. For those interested we're working with the homelab sub-reddit on doing a content series about home labs, challenges, successes, etc. Open to ideas on content areas that might be interesting or worth exploring. One of the first articles is going to be around hypervisor options suitable for the home lab. The general idea though is to pull in more user content to supplement our typical news and reviews content.
  17. Brian

    Seagate Reports 2Q19 Earnings

    I was told just the other day they had a decent RIF that impacted the flash team. Weird place to make cuts.
  18. I too was going to suggest's a problem everywhere, not just USB ports too.
  19. Probably no one was impacted, our users are far too smart. They were trying to send out malware.
  20. Another nice update from Synology. As we spend more time with other NAS vendors recently, working with Synology is just so easy. They still have a big lead in UI and third party app support.
  21. Maybe, it's tricky to balance though, especially since they're on an AIC form factor where capacity should be able to be higher.
  22. They'd be seen as two separate drives if I follow what you're saying. I don't think the HDD acceleration market is ever really going to take off.
  23. Brian

    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Review

    Pretty impressive drive, makes me look forward to what comes next in the Pro line.
  24. Huh, that's interesting. It's been ages since we've seen WD product. They stopped sending us review samples because we test too hard.
  25. QNAP is doing some very cool engineering, love this little guy. Or think I do, haven't seen it in person yet.