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  1. You have a tremendously wide variety of options here. What are you on now and what sort of budget are you looking at? What else is in the environment?
  2. Brian

    New BackBlaze Stats

    It's the rebuild time on these much larger HDDs that starts to get a little scary depending on how and what you're running.
  3. For those interested we're working with the homelab sub-reddit on doing a content series about home labs, challenges, successes, etc. Open to ideas on content areas that might be interesting or worth exploring. One of the first articles is going to be around hypervisor options suitable for the home lab. The general idea though is to pull in more user content to supplement our typical news and reviews content.
  4. Brian

    Seagate Reports 2Q19 Earnings

    I was told just the other day they had a decent RIF that impacted the flash team. Weird place to make cuts.
  5. I too was going to suggest's a problem everywhere, not just USB ports too.
  6. Probably no one was impacted, our users are far too smart. They were trying to send out malware.
  7. Another nice update from Synology. As we spend more time with other NAS vendors recently, working with Synology is just so easy. They still have a big lead in UI and third party app support.
  8. Maybe, it's tricky to balance though, especially since they're on an AIC form factor where capacity should be able to be higher.
  9. They'd be seen as two separate drives if I follow what you're saying. I don't think the HDD acceleration market is ever really going to take off.
  10. Brian

    Samsung 970 EVO Plus 1TB Review

    Pretty impressive drive, makes me look forward to what comes next in the Pro line.
  11. Huh, that's interesting. It's been ages since we've seen WD product. They stopped sending us review samples because we test too hard.
  12. QNAP is doing some very cool engineering, love this little guy. Or think I do, haven't seen it in person yet.
  13. Brian

    8big raid - st3000dm001 barracuda compatible

    I've not replaced drives in LaCie units before, but yeah, you should be able to replace with same HDD.
  14. Thankfully our users are smart enough to know we wouldn't send an HDD tool executable.
  15. Yes, we're still dealing with it right now, someone broke in and did bad crap.
  16. Those aren't sealed drives, the helium drives are flatter on top. Never seen the white labels, maybe an OEM drive?
  17. It's because this is Lexar, well the new Lexar not Micron Lexar. We haven't worked very closely with them since the acquisition.
  18. It may be the solution to protect the NAND, like the hybrid drives of years past. For more end users, this should be a very good drive that's not terribly expensive.
  19. It is kind of funny that Toshiba on HDD was at least a year behind and whoosh, game on.
  20. The LaCie d2 Professional gave decent performance for external spinning media and offers massive capacity in a small footprint. Creative professionals that crave a lot of capacity in a slick looking box can't go wrong with the LaCie d2 Professional. LaCie d2 Professional Review (10TB)
  21. It's TLC from what I recall. Pricing is an issue...ultimately NVMe SSDs will get faster and we'll view this as a transition period I think. Optane is fundamentally different though and it remains to be seen if they can get capacities up. There's also the PMEM issue, and how much speed that enables vs accelerating at the storage drive layer. Fun times.
  22. I believe they're trying to tighten the build down for pretty specific uses.
  23. Incidentally Synology has native apps for Samsung TVs that work pretty well.
  24. We're working on ours as well. The ZET is not the same as Optane, so yes, it will be slower.
  25. They're definitely making progress, no doubt. It's just hard going up against the vertically integrated solutions from a cost and performance standpoint.